Skill Shop "Adventure" *HW1 ONLY for now*

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Skill Shop "Adventure" *HW1 ONLY for now*

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:46 am

As you might have noticed, there is a new Skill Shop in town. Now, if you enter that new shop that has *Open* next to it, you'll notice that it's not quite as open as it seems.

Skill Shop Manager
: Now where is my cashier? She was supposed to start her shift half an hour ago but she hasn't shown up... Unfortunately I can't open the store until she shows up.

**********: Any idea where she could be?

Skill Shop Manager: None whatsoever. I wonder if it has anything to do with that giant mysterious footprint out front of the shop...

Hmmm, you didn't notice THAT on the way in.

Well if you think about it this is somehow like in the King Kong movie where they find this gigantic footprint in the jungle... maybe we should explore the Jungle of Canbodia and see what we can find out. (This is most likely to take numerous tries and a lot of T as it is a random encounter and the beast has way too much health for most players to take it down in one hit. But don't worry, the beast only gains a little health everytime it runs away. You should somehow be careful not to get defeated by it as that will make the beast gain a lot of health back.)

While wandering the Jungle you hear a mighty roar. Suddenly, a giant ape busts through the jungle clutching a buxom blonde and a huge beer bottle!
Hobo Kong is defeated

You win!

Hobo Kong lets out a great yelp and drops the girl! She lands with a thud on the jungle floor.

Buxom Blonde: Oof! Oh thank you!

Hobo Kong takes his beer bottle and retreats back into the jungle, grunting what you imagine must be ape curses.

Buxom Blonde
: Oh no! Look at the time! I'm late for work!

The Blonde rushes out of the jungle, leaving you standing alone. Hmph, so much for gratitude.

Now that you saved the lady you should go back to the Skill Shop.

Cashier: Oh hey, you're the one who saved me from that big ape! Welcome to the Skill Shop!

**********: What are skills?

Cashier: Never heard of skills? Here's a quick breakdown!

-Buy skills with tokens.

-Equip skills on your skill page.

-Skills will automatically be used in battle if you are drunk. The drunker you are, the more likely your skills will fire.

-Each time a skill fires it gets used up, so make sure you're always stocked!

-Skills are used in the order you equip them in on your skills page. Each skill will fire only once during any battle.

-Unlock new skills and gain more skill slots by raising your drinking stat!

**********: So do I get a discount for saving your life?

Cashier: Oooo sorry. I'm not sure the owner would like that!

> grumble grumble...

Cashier: Oh hi! Feel free to choose from any of the skills below!

> Refresh me on how skills work again

(You will gain more new available skills as you increase your drinking stats)

List of all Skills

10 tokens
Increase speed by 10%

10 tokens
Increase strength by 10%

10 tokens
Increase power by 10%

20 tokens
Reduce enemy speed by 10%

20 tokens
Reduce enemy strength by 10%

20 tokens
Reduce enemy power by 10%

Double Punch
30 tokens
Does 2X damage of normal drunk hit

30 tokens
Next enemy attack misses you and damages them instead

Jello Shot
30 tokens
Double blood alcohol and tolerance for remainder of battle

40 tokens
Drunk hit that drains enemy life and adds it to yours

40 tokens
Increase power, strength, and speed by 10%

40 tokens
Reduce enemy power, strength, and speed by 10%

50 tokens
Restore 1/4 of life (cannot gain back more than you began fight with)

50 tokens
1/4 chance of reducing enemy life by 50%

50 tokens
Enemy can't act for 3 rounds

Triple Punch
60 tokens
Does 3X damage of normal drunk hit

Buff Rat
60 tokens
Increase rat damage and speed by 30%

60 tokens
Triples power of your buffs

Double Drain
70 tokens
Does 2X damage of normal drunk hit and drains enemy life

70 tokens
Steal enemy's active effect

70 tokens
Removes enemy buffs and effects for duration of battle

Heal More
80 tokens
Restore 1/3 of your life (cannot gain back more than you began fight with)

80 tokens
Enemy damage is reduced by 25%

Keg Stand
80 tokens
Triple blood alcohol and tolerance for remainder of battle


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