King's Cup Guidelines

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King's Cup Guidelines

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:58 pm

Since the 3rd Adventures are done now on hw1 and facebook, I thought it might be time to write a little guide on how to use the King's Cup properly. (side note for facebook: the Cup is not yet working properly since it resets everytime you leave the Cup's page)

When you click on the King's Cup it should lead you to a page showing something like this:

The King's Cup

Bonus: 0
To Increase Bonus: Drink mixed at 5 or higher
Instead of mixed it could also say shots, beer, wine or liquor. So read carefully!

You will also see a 4x4 square. The symbols will look like this:

Underneath you will see a list of all the drinks you have sorted in 5 categories:

Now you might have already noticed that the pictures in the 4x4 square and the ones on the bottom look awfully alike. Each Symbol in the square will give a 1 bonus to the category it stands for, except for the which will give a -1 bonus to all alcoholic beverages. Your goal now is to get the highest possible score on the category listed above. In order to solve this use one of these pages:

When you now drink the beverage you are told to, your cup will get to something like this:

Bonus: 1
To Increase Bonus: Drink liquor at 7 or higher

Your Cup bonus increased by 1!
(The King's Cup Puzzle twists and resets itself)

You can now continue to follow the Cup or you could drink the beverage of your choice in which case the bonus will reset and you would have to start over.

Now here is a little trick I you want to tell you regarding the Zima Light. Since the Zima Light has a negative effect on your stats this is the only drink that you want to drink with a negative score in beer. That will reduce the stat loss Wink

I hope that this guide will help you with the King's Cup.


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