Adventures 2 - unofficial Guide - very detailedly

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Adventures 2 - unofficial Guide - very detailedly

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:45 pm

If you want to copy the guide to any other webpage read THIS

Day 15 and following are on the second page.

Instructions are italic and orange

the right links for you to click are blue

wrong links are blue and italic

really important is red -> MUST READ

If you want to find one specific day just use the search tool of your browser and type 'Day ##'. that should bring you to the top of the day you are looking for.

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Post by Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:52 pm

How to get to Hoburbia:

Firstly check the bowling alley and try to get into the bathroom.

You'll soon find out that the door is locked and so continue to the clerk and ask him

He will tell you that you must seek a guy in a silver jacket

He is one of the fighters in the arena at the old man (7/11)

Fight him and get the key

Now you can access the Bathroom and you will find a phonenumber

Take out your Address Book and call Grandpa

He will tell you that there is a train. From here on you should be able to do the rest on your own easily

Day 1:

Go to the Nursing Home and talk to you Grandpa.

Buy a Wanka Bar, eat it and go back to the Nursing Home to access the internet to get your lucky number WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE you'll need it later on.

Now you need to explore the city and you to your lucky number and then eat another Wanka Bar and access the internet again.

You will get your Golden Ticket

Day 1 is done

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Day 2

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:03 pm

Go to the nursing home and talk to your Grandpa

Now go to the Chocolate Factory

Upon nearing the Chocolate Factory you spot a huge crowd of hobos, all gathered to see Willy Wonka greet the lucky golden ticket holder (that's you!)

You're trying to figure out just how to make your way to the front of the crowd when you're spotted by a nearby group of children.

Chubby Kid: Hey, that's the guy with the golden ticket!

Kid with bad teeth: Let's take it from him!

Agreeable Kid: Yeah!

Uh oh. The three kids all rush at you, blood in their eyes!

> Get out of here!
> Take em out!

Fight with Kid With Bad Teeth:

1. You poke him in the eye with a feather taking 1319 life (0 life)

Great success, you win!
You beat the kid unconscious.

Fight with Agreeable Kid:

1. You bitch slap the Agreeable Kid for 1280 life (0 life)

Great success, you win!
You beat the kid unconscious.

Fight with Chubby Kid:

1. You pull off your sock and slap the Chubby Kid with it for 1266 life (0 life)

Great success, you win!
You beat the kid unconscious.

Seeing that you're not afraid to beat up children, the crowd parts and clears a path to the Gates of the Chocolate Factory for you.

> Finally, a little respect! Head on in.

Slowly, the gates of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory part and you can see a figure in a smart purple coat with a whimsical tophat come hobbling out the front door, supporting himself with an elegant, if worn, ball top cane.

Everybody waits, muted, for the moment when Willy Wonka drops his cane and flips, whirls, or twirls... but the moment does not come. He reaches the front gate, and clutching it for support, pulls a small piece of paper out of his pocket.

Willy Wonka: Is there a... ************ here?

You hold out your golden ticket excitedly.

*************: Ooh! Me me!

Willy Wonka: Wonderful. Wonderful, my dear boy. Now follow me, if you will.

> Follow Willy Wonka into the Chocolate Factory!

You step into the Chocolate Factory, following closely behind Willy Wonka. Once inside you are presented with a large piece of paper and a pen.

Willy Wonka: Liability waiver. If you'll please sign...

You give the writing on the waiver a once over. There sure is a lot here...

I, the undersigned, do hereby grant immunity to, by, and for any potential injury or perceived slights brought on by any employees or family members of Wonka Corp. The charges include, but are not limited to, death, malnutrition, neglect, monsterism, rapid onset obesity, shrinkage etc. etc.In addition, I agree to relinquish my firstborn upon immediate entry into this world. World, as defined here, constitutes...

You need to copy your name and paste it into the box. It is really important that you also copy gang tags or similar if you have them

You sign the form and hand it to Willy Wonka.

Willy Wonka: Excellent! Now we can begin our tour! Let me first inform you that due to new company policy, we are only allowed to visit one area of the factory per day, so our tour will be broken up into small slices. So, now that we've got that all covered, on we go!

Wonka walks up to a triangular shaped door in the corner of the room and turns a numerical lock a few times until there is a clicking sound.

Willy Wonka: Just through this door please...

> Go into the room

You step inside the triangular room, but find it small and cramped. You poke around but find no other doors in the room. Wonka enters behind you and closes the door.

*************: Hey, what's going on, there's no exit in here?...

Willy Wonka: Ssshhh! Quick, there is something I must tell you! This is the one place they cannot monitor us!

*************: Wha-

Willy Wonka: Putting Charlie in charge of this Factory was a huge mistake! He's driving it into the ground, and he's threatened to terminate me if I step out of line! I need your help!

*************: Who's Charl-

Willy Wonka: My only hope for saving the Chocolate Factory is to get the Board of Directors to turn on Charlie! But for that to work, it has to be unanimous. There are 10 of them, and every last one must vote to out Charlie, or the motion will fail, and with it my Chocolate Factory! I can't say much more, there isn't much time... I'll explain more tomorrow.

> Okay

Willy Wonka: Great. Now we must continue on, lest they become suspicious... Now I've forgotten how to get out of here... Help me find the way forward, won't you?

> Push on the panel
> Pull at the crack
> Go back out the entrance

You open the door you and Willy Wonka came in through, only to find the room has somehow changed...

Willy Wonka: Ahhh yes, I had forgotten this is an elevator. Well, first stop, the exit!

You step out into a room with a series of doors on each side and an exit at the end. You notice the ceiling shrinking down towards you as you approach the exit.

Willy Wonka: Each of these rooms belongs to one of the board of directors. If you ever need to speak to one of them, you can come here. Well, that's the end of our tour for today!

*************: But I didn't even see any chocolate today...

Willy Wonka: Well, tomorrow I'll take you inside the Chocolate Room, where everything is edible! Until then, take care! The exit is that way. And... remember what I told you! Farewell.

With that Willy Wonka gets back in the elevator and the door closes. You have no choice but to leave through the exit for now.

Day 2 is done

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Day 3

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:08 pm

Go visit Grandpa and then head on over to the Factory

As you near the Chocolate Factory you see there is still a small crowd gathered from yesterday. They fall silent as you near. Walking up to the gate you spy Willy Wonka waving you inside.

Willy Wonka: Are you ready for part 2 of our wonderful tour? Well follow me!

You follow Willy Wonka inside past the entrance way where you signed your contract and into the elevator. Once inside Willy Wonka looks at you conspiratorially.

Willy Wonka: Before we head into the Chocolate Room there is something I must tell you...

Wonka pushes the elevator button to the Chocolate Room and leans in close to whisper to you.

Willy Wonka:
There is a trial today. The family of Augustus Glute is suing Wonka Corp. for malice and negligence after he fell into the chocolate river. The suit could send our company under!

*************: Oh no!

Willy Wonka: They are claiming I pushed him into the river knowingly, and then stood by and did nothing while he was sucked into the disposal chute. Can you believe it?

*************: ...

Willy Wonka:
But there is one way to prove my innocence. There is a surveillance video of the incident. Unfortunately... one of the Oompa Loompas dropped the tape into the Chocolate River... If you can retrieve it, it would prove my innocence! Ah we're here!

The Elevator dings and the door opens, revealing the Chocolate Room! Yay!

> Enter the Chocolate Room

You step out into a room filled with lollipops growing out of the ground like flowers and jellybeans growing on trees and... oh so many wonders!

Willy Wonka: Like I said my dear boy, everything in this room is completely edible! Unfortunately, after our revenue loss from that Everlasting Gobstopper fiasco, I am strictly prohibited by the company from giving out free samples, so sorry, no touching!

*************: ...Where are all the Oompa Loompas?

Willy Wonka: On strike! We've had to radically scale back production without them! But nevermind that...

Suddenly and sneakily, Willy Wonka slips something small and shiny into your backpack...

Willy Wonka: Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I'm required by the company to sing a song at this point...

> A song?

Suddenly, Willy Wonka removes his hat and begins to croon slowly and sweetly...

♫ Come with me
and you'll be
in a world of pure incorporation
Take a look
and you'll see
It's not what it used to be ♪
While he's distracted with his song you take the opportunity to grab a lollipop and some jellybeans and chow down. It's delicious! You pull yourself back just as Willy Wonka wraps up his tune.

♪ Everything that you loved
Will be crushed from up aboooooove ♫
*************:, your lyrics have gotten a lot more cynical over the years.

Willy Wonka: Yeah, whatcha gonna do? Well, that's it for our tour for the day! Remember what I told you about before! Any help would be... greatly appreciated. Well the exit is this way! Farewell!

And with that Willy Wonka shoos you out of the Chocolate Factory.

Now return to the Chocolate Factory

You take the Chocolate Factory key Willy Wonka gave you and let yourself in. Once inside you step into the Wonkavator. Which floor will you go to?

Go to the Offices of the Board of Directors -> it will from now on be called Directors Offices in this guide. Enter the open door

You step inside the open office door and are greeted by one of the Directors on the Board of Wonka Corp.

Director 1: Hello? Ah, you must be the Golden Ticket winner. Please close the door behind you.

You do as you're asked.

Director 1: Willy Wonka has spoken with me, but frankly I'm not sure the old coot could handle the company again. Though I might be persuaded to vote against allowing Charlie to remain CEO...

*************: How?

Director 1: The trial of Augustus Glute vs. Wonka Corp. is happening today, over at the court house. If you can find some evidence to exhonerate Willy Wonka, I might be convinced to let the crazy old bastard have his company back...

You're about to leave when the Director stops you.

Director 1: By the way, if you haven't yet, you should check out the claw machine near the factory entrance. Who knows, you might win something useful...

> Back to Hallway
> Back to the Wonkavator

This time you need to go back to the Factory Entrance

You're standing in the entrance to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Displayed prominently on the wall is a copy of the liability agreement you signed. Behind you is the factory entrance (or exit, depending on your perspective). Straight ahead is the Wonkavator. To your left is one of those claw machines with lots of different junk in it.

> Play with the Claw Machine
> Back to the Wonkavator

Now enter YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS (that you wrote down just the way I told you to) as the coordinates on where you want to drop the claw

You will recieve the Choco-Vision Goggles

Go to your bag and equip them

Now go back to the Wonkavator and go to the Chocolate Room

Take a dip in the river and you will find a tape

Now go on to the Court House

You run up to the courthouse, the surveillance tape in hand. One of the Wonka Corp. Lawyers sees you and motions you inside the courthouse.

Wonka Corp. Lawyer: Good work! Just slip into the back of the court room for now. Mrs. Glute is on the stand.

You slip into the back of the court room as instructed and watch the proceedings.

Prosecuting Attorney: So Mrs. Glute, please describe exactly what Mr. Wonka told you after your son had been shot out of the fudge pipe in the chocolate river.

Mrs. Glute: ...And zen he vould fall into ze boiler.

A loud gasp and some murmuring erupt from the crowd.

Judge: Order! Order!

Prosecuting Attorney: Thank you Mrs. Glute. For my next witness I would like to call to the stand... Mr. William T. Wonka!

> *gasp*

Willy Wonka gets up from his bench and takes the witness stand.

Prosecuting Attorney: Mr. Wonka, I have just one question for you. Did you, or did you not push one Augustus Glute into the Chocolate River at your factory? Remember Mr. Wonka, there are several witnesses who all claimed they saw you rush forward at Mr. Glute just before he "fell" into the river.

Willy Wonka: I... I was trying to keep him from falling in! I had told him not to drink from the chocolate river and... and...

Prosecuting Attorney: And you wanted to teach him a lesson! That's why you pushed him in! Isn't it Mr. Wonka?!

Defense Attorney: Objection your honor!

Prosecuting Attorney: No need. I'm finished here.

The Prosecuting Attorney sits down and the Defense Attorney stands up.

Defense Attorney: Your honor, I would like to call to the stand one *************

> *gasp*

You walk slowly up to the witness stand and take your seat.

Defense Attorney: You were with Mr. Wonka just today, were you not? Just where did Mr. Wonka take you?

> The Chocolate Room in his factory
> We went to Church
> ...He took me to a bar and gave me alcohol.

Defense Attorney: The Chocolate Room you say? And tell me, did Mr. Wonka at any point push you into the Chocolate River?

> Yes! Yes! The bad man pushed me in!
> Not that I can recall.

Defense Attorney: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Proof that Mr. Wonka does not suffer from a compulsion to push people into brown rivers. Mr. *************, if you will, please present the videotape.

You hand the attorney the surveillance tape. He pulls a TV up on a rolly-table and sticks the tape into the VCR. The entire courtroom watches as Augustus Glute drinks greedily from the chocolate river and then ... He falls in.

Defense Attorney: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Proof that the claims against my client were fabricated!

Judge: In the face of this overwhelming evidence, I have no choice but to throw this case out, and to sentence Mr. Augustus Glute to 5 years of fat camp! Case dismissed!

The judge bangs his gavel and Willy Wonka rushes up to shake your hand.

Willy Wonka: Oh, thank you, thank you! This ought to prove to at least one of those directors that the company can be trusted in my hands again! Oh, joyous day! I'll see you tomorrow, *************, for part 3 of our grand tour.

Willy Wonka winks at you and walks out of the courtroom. The crowd soon follows behind him, and the courtroom falls silent.

Now go back to the Directors Offices and enter the open door

The Director turns to you as you enter his office.

Director 1: Congratulations on winning the case for Mr. Wonka. Okay, I'll agree to vote out Charlie, but you'll have to get the rest of the Directors to agree to vote with me or it will be meaningless. Good luck.

The Director stops you on the way out.

Director 1: Oh, by the way, because of the positive press coverage from the verdict, our stock has risen slightly. It's allowed us to resume production of our Wonka-stripe Candy Canes. They should be back in stock at candy stores everywhere by tomorrow.

Day 3 is done

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Day 4

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:13 pm

As usual you begin your day with talking to your Grandpa.

Then head over to the Chocolate Factory

Outside the Chocolate Factory are about a hundred Oompa Loompas all marching around with picket signs chanting anti-Wonka slogans.

[center]Oompa loompa doompity doo, if you're a wage earner Wonka screws you!

You push through to the front entrance where you find Willy Wonka waiting for you.

Willy Wonka: Sorry *************. I was supposed to take you on a magic boat ride as part of the tour today, but with the Oompa Loompas on strike, I don't have any rowers to keep on rowing!

> Head inside the Chocolate Factory
> Pick a fight with an Oompa Loompa (2T) you can do this to train you adventure weapons a little but other that that is doesn't do anything

Go to the Directors Offices and enter the second

You step inside the open office door and are greeted by the second of the Directors on the Board of Gambro Corp.

Director 2: Ah, hello *************, I've been wanting to meet you. Please, sit down.

You do as requested.

Director 2: Listen, we've got a bit of a problem on our hands. This Oompa Loompa strike is really cutting into our production capabilities, not to mention giving us a bad rap. I need you to... end the strike for us. If you can pull this off, I'd be willing to switch my allegiances over from Charlie to Wonka.

*************: How do I end the strike?

Director 2: Simple. You ever heard of a picket line without picket signs?

*************: Nope.

The director tosses something across the desk at you and you catch it.

You get the Zippo Lighter

Director 2: You know what to do. Good luck.

Leave the Chocolate Factory and get yourself some gasoline if you don't have any

Now head over to Pickety Pete's Protest Palace

Outside Pickety Pete's s gathered a large crowd of Oompa Loompa's, all holding blank signs with markers, trying to figure out witty anti-Wonka slogans to write.

Hmmm... You're going to have do something about this place if you're ever going to stop the Oompa Loompa strike. You certainly can't do much with all these Oompa Loompas standing around.

There's a huge line leading up to the cash register and a "Help Wanted" sign in the window.

> Apply for a job

You march inside Pickety Pete's. You walk past row and row of signs in all shapes and sizes. Rectangular. Slightly smaller and square. Every kind of protest sign you could imagine!

Towards the back of the store you find an office door open a crack. You peek inside and see a greasy haired guy in a tux smoking a cigar and counting money. Must be Pete. You knock on the door.

Pickety Pete: Come in!

You step inside Pete's office.

*************: I saw your help wanted sign. I'd like to apply.

Pickety Pete: Ah! Excellent, please sit down. I need to ask you a few questions so I can make sure you're the man for the job.

> Have a seat

Pickety Pete: Okay, first question. You ever worked in the protest business before?

> Yeah, my Uncle Roy used to sell megaphones for a living. I was raised in the business.
> Nope. I've been a full time hobo my whole life.
> Enough stupid questions. Am I hired or what?

Pickety Pete: Well that sounds like some pretty good experience.

Pickety Pete: Okay, question 2. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor?

> No way. I'm straight edge
> Do parking tickets count?
> You ever heard of the Manson Family?
> Once. For arson. I set fire to a store that sold picket signs. But that's behind me now.

Pickety Pete: Hmmm. Boring, but reliable...

Pickety Pete: Okay, question 3. What can you bring to Pickety Pete's that no one else can?

> Years of experience
> Ideas. I have some thoughts on expanding Pickety Pete's overseas...
> I take abuse like it's no one's business, and I always agree with management.
> Really awful B.O.

Pickety Pete: Hmmm, you sound pretty ambitious...

Pickety Pete: Alright, last question. What kind of wage were you looking for?

> $5.00 an hour
> $10.00 an hour
> $20.00 an hour
> $100.00 an hour

Pickety Pete: Now that's a number I can work with!

Pickety Pete: Good news son, you're hired! Now I don't usually do this, but I like you, so I'm gonna give you an advance on your first month's wages. Here you go!

Pickety Pete hands you a check for $3000. Score!

Pickety Pete: Now, if you're ready, let's put you to work!

> Get to work

Pickety Pete: Alright, I'm gonna put you in the back room for your first day. You'll be sorting protest signs by the severity of their inflammatory slogans. You'll go from most to least offensive. Got it?

*************: I think so.

Pickety Pete leads you through a pair of large warehouse doors.

Pickety Pete: alright, here you are. I'll come hollar when it's time to close up.

With that, you're left to yourself in a warehouse of picket signs. Well, time to put an end to Pickety Pete's little racket. You pull the zippo lighter out of your backpack and look around for a good sign to start a fire with...

> Set fire to "Hell no, we won't go!"
> Set fire to "Bring the troops home!"
> Set fire to "No blood for chocolate!"

You pull the gasoline out and pour it all over the stack of protest signs. It goes up in flames immediately with a little coaxing from your Zippo.

You rush out of the building just in time to see the first plumes of smoke exiting from the roof. Pickety Pete and the rest of his employees follow a minute later, just before the first bit of roof caves in from the heat. Pete falls to his knees and begins sobbing.

Pickety Pete: My empirrrreeee!!!! NooOOoOoOOoooOoooOoooooOO!!!

All the Oompa Loompas gathered around Pete's shrug their shoulders and walk back towards the Chocolate Factory.

> Follow Them

You should now be at the Chocolate Factory again

Start a fight with an Oompa Loompa

You chastise a random Oompa Loompa as you run at him. Or her.

*************: Get back to work you lazy bum!

Fight with Picketing Oompa Loompa:

Great success, you win!
You beat the Oompa Loompa unconcious.

You take the Oompa Loompa's picket sign and break it over your knee.

The remaining Oompa Loompas look around befuddled. With all of their protest signs destroyed, they seem lost... The Oompa Loompas shrug their shoulders.

Oompa Loompa Strike Leader: Well... looks like the strikes over boys. Let's get back to work.

They all mutter to themselves as they march single file back into the Chocolate Factory.

Go back to the Directors Offices and meet the Directer again

Day 4 is done

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Day 5

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:32 am

You must get BEEF THIS DAY in the kitchen REALLY IMPORTANT

Go visit you Grandpa and then head over to the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka greets you at the entrance to the Chocolate Factory.

Willy Wonka: Great news ************! The Oompa Loompas have come back to work! That means we can continue our tour. Come, follow me!

You follow Willy Wonka into the factory, then into the Wonkavator and out to the Chocolate Room where a group of Oompa Loompas are waiting aboard on an ornate boat to ferry you down the Chocolate River.

Willy Wonka: If you'll just step aboard we can begin our journey!

> Hop aboard

You hop on the boat and the Oompa Loompas start rowing towards a dark tunnel.

Willy Wonka: You're going to love this...

You're about to ask just what you're going to love when everything in the tunnel starts flashing a hundred different colors and terrible images start to form upon the walls. Images of centipedes crawling over a sleeping hobos face, and giant eyeballs, and chickens having their heads chopped off, and a giant sewer rat gnashing it's teeth at you, and a creepy dude with glasses... Suddenly, in the midst of all this, Willy Wonka starts to speak...

There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going...

He stops for a a moment.

Willy Wonka: Hey, you're not epileptic, are you?

************: No.

Willy Wonka: Ah. Good. Anyways...

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing
Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing

At this point the Oompa Loompas begin to row faster. And faster. And faster.

> "That has far enough Wonka!"

Willy Wonka: Quite right sir! Stop the boat!

The boat stops suddenly and you look around. Everything is sunny and the air smells like fish...

************: Where...

Willy Wonka: The Dock in Second City my friend. As a token of my appreciation for all your help so far I would like to give you this boat. It will remain docked here in Second City should you ever need it.

At this point Wonka and the Oompa Loompas get off the boat.

Willy Wonka: Well, that ends this portion of the tour. Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the Inventing Room! Oh, and you might want to check back in at the Chocolate Factory. I believe one of the Wonka Corp. Directors will be mighty pleased to hear the Oompa Loompas have gotten back to work. Well, good day then!

And with that Wonka leaves.

> Get off the boat

Now that you have finished your trip you can try to get on the boat but it won't let you sail alone so you should rather go back to the Chocolate Factory

Use the Wonkavator to get to the Directors Office and enter the newly opened door

Director 3: Ticket Holder, eh? I suppose you want me to help Wonka get his company back. I'll tell you what, we used to make a Roast Beef Flavored Chewing Gum here. It was discontinued due to some... stomach inflamation issues. I really used to enjoy it though.

************: And?

Director 3: Well, I don't know how it's made. Sooooo, if you can figure out how to make me some Roast Beef Flavored Chewing Gum, and you bring the prototype to me, I'll join in the vote against Charlie. Deal?

I think it is pretty obvious to use Roast Beef and a Prechewed Gum and combine 'em in the Inventing Room. you can get Roast Beef from the kitchen and from there so DO NOT TAKE A DAILY SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Prechewed Gum can be found while exploring (not exploring RLD or Hoburbia, the regular exploring is meant at this point)

Now all you need to do is go to the Inventing Room (blow your flute to gain access) and combine those 2 to get Beef flavored Gum and bring it to the Director

Day 5 is done

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Day 6

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:17 am

Go to Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: ************! Charlie is going to be giving a speech today in front of the Chocolate Factory. There's a lot of pressure on him to explain the sudden disappearance of Willy Wonka

Head on over to the Chocolate Factory

You arrive at the Chocolate Factory to find a crowd gathered around a recently erected stage. There is a lot of whispering from the crowd and some Secret Service guys up on stage speak into Walkie Talkies. The crowd quiets as Charlie steps up to the podium.

Charlie: Ladies and Gentlemen of Hoburbia, I have some sad news to share with you today. Willy Wonka, the figurehead and original owner of our Corporation... has passed on.

The crowd gasps. Women faint. Hobos take the opportunity to rifle through people's pockets. Suddenly, a reporter somewhere in the crowd begins shouting.

Reporter: It's not true! He's been kidnapped by Slugworth! Don't believe him! Willy Wonka liv-

The man is cut short as the Secret Service muzzle him and remove him from sight. The crowd starts to get restless. They look up to Charlie, wondering how he will respond to the Reporter's claims, when suddenly a shadow falls over the crowd.

> Wha?!?

An ominous, deep voice booms over the heads of the gathered crowd.

Voice: Slugworth wants to see you Charlie.

Somone in the crowd: It's Violet Beauregarde! Run!

You can hardly believe your eyes. A fifty foot girl, blown up like a balloon and blue from head to toe, is beginning to march straight through the crowd towards the podium. The crowd panicks and people flee in all directions! The Secret Servicemen quickly shuffle Charlie into a nearby limo.

Violet Beauregarde: You can't run forever Charlie. Slugworth wants to see you Charlie! blub blub blub...

The limo drives off in the direction of the court house and Violet follows on foot.

> Follow Them!

You make it up to the courthouse just in time to see the limo carrying Charlie drive by. Charlie is leaning out the window yelling.

Charlie: Leave me alone! I don't want to see Slugworth.

Violet Beauregarde: But Slugworth wants to see you Charlie! blub blub blub...

Maybe you should do something while you have the chance?

Ok you can either start chasing them through town


Go to Toys'R'Us Store (in regular City) [you can also try on SGHM]. Buy a Metal Knife and equip it. Now go back to where you last saw Violet (if you left before chasing her go to Court House)

> Attack Violet (2T)

Fight with Violet Beauregarde:

1.You knife Violet Beauregarde for 900000 life! She starts to deflate! (0 life)

Great success, you win!
You manage to puncture Violet Beauregarde! The scent of blueberries fills the air as she deflates into a normal sized kid.

Suddenly something glowing emerges from Violet's chest and floats above her. You reach out and grab it...

You get the Everlasting Gobstopper Everlasting Gobstopper

The attack thwarted, the limo carrying Charlie stops. There is a moment's hesitation before the side window rolls down.

Charlie: ...Thanks for the help kid. Meet me back at the Chocolate Factory and I'll give you something special.

The window rolls back up and the limo heads off in the direction of the Chocolate Factory.

Do as you were told and head over to the Chocolate Factory

When you arrive at the Chocolate Factory Charlie is waiting for you next to his limo.

Charlie: I don't know who you are, but thanks for the help. Beauregarde's been a thorn in my side for a long time. Name your reward and it's yours.

> Money!
> Women!
> Power!
> Candy!

I personally took candy so here is what it does:

Charlie: Candy eh? I've got some of my favorite candies right here in my pocket. These are especially rare, so be careful with it!

Charlie pulls out a tiny piece of candy and hands it to you.

You take the Sweet Bomb and place it into your trolly.

Charlie: Alright, well thanks again. I'll see you around.

With that Charlie marches into the factory and leaves you alone standing at the entrance.

Now go to the Directors Offices and enter the fourth

Director 4: Good work taking care of Beauregarde. If you manage to rescue Wonka back from Slugworth I'll vote to return the company to him. Good luck! Oh! and one more thing! In honor for your services we'll be releasing a new blueberry candy tomorrow.

Day 6 is done

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Day 7

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:18 pm

Go to your Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: Oh hello *************. I got a very friendly mail from Willy Wonka today. He said was looking for you. You should check your mailbox.

Check you mail


Dear *************,

I am being held hostage in Slugworth's secret fortress. I can't tell exactly where this place is, but I can hear the ocean...

Slugworth is planning something devious, and nobody will be able to stop him as long as the eternal gobstoppers are out there. You must find and destroy all four of them. When you defeated Violet you received the first gobstopper. Now you must face Veruca Salt. I dare say she will find you soon enough...

She is very dangerous *************. You will need help to defeat her. Summon the Oompa Loompas. They will take you to the fizzy lifting soda room, where there is a weapon that will help vanquish your foe. That is all I can say for now.

Good Luck *************

-Willy Wonka

Get to your bag and play the flute

You blow on the Loompa Whistle. Suddenly, several Oompa Loompas appear from nowhere.

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
We've got something special to give to you
Oompa Loompa doompadah dee
It's access to the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room up on the
fifth floor of the Chocolate Factory

**************: Seriously, you guys should get an editor.

Oompa Loompa #2: Look man, I don't tell you how to be homeless. You don't tell me how to doompity do my job.

**************: ...Sorry

The Oompa Loompas grumble to themselves as they wander off.

Go to Director #5

Director 5: Hello. I was wondering when you'd make it around to my office. Listen, I'll help
you if you'll do me a big favor.

*************: What's that?

Director 5: Back when we used to make Fizzy Lifting Soda I stored some... personal photographs in the janitor's closet inside the Fizzy Lifting Soda room. Now that the Soda's out of production, I can't reach the closet. I... uh... really need to get those photos back. Bring them to me and I'll help you. The hard part is, you'll need to make some Fizzy Lifting Soda to reach the closet.

*************: How do I do that?

Director 5: Let's see... there are three ingredients... If I can remember... You'll need a cleansing angent, some feathers, and a fizzy base.

Get a Rat Wing, Soap and Fizzy Soda (first from the Park in Second City, you need a piece of bread from Walmart for it..... second from Flee Market in Second City, and last either you still have one or you buy one on the Flee Market in Hoburbia). Now go to the Inventing Room and combine those 3

You toss the following onto the conveyor belt: Bar of Soap, Soda Water, Rat Wing. You peddle the bike for a minute. Buzzing and steaming sounds eminate from the compactor until there is a loud popping noise. It's done! You go over to the conveyor belt and pick up your prize...

You take the Fizzy Lifting Soda and place it into your trolly.

Drink it

You chug the entire bottle of Fizzy Lifting Soda. You feel gravity's effect on you lighten. You jump up in the air and hover for a moment before slowly falling back to earth. Cool!

Your dodging capabilities are briefly enhanced!

Now go to the Fizzy Soda Room (if the dialog doesn't pop up itselft turn on the machine)

As you step inside the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room there is a loud clicking sound behind you. Somebody locked the door behind you! Suddenly someone starts speaking!

Voice: Hello ***************. I'm sorry I can't be there in person. You've been interfering with my plans a little bit too much lately. It's starting to bother me, so I'm afraid I must say goodbye.

That voice! It must be Slugworth!

*************: Goodbye? What do you mean?

Suddenly there is a buzzing sound as the fan at the top of the room turns on. You feel your feet begin to lift off the ground. You're being sucked up directly towards the rotating fan blades!

Slugworth: Mwahahhahahahaahhaahhaaaaaa! Goodbye hobo!

> Uhhh... uh oh

Inside the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room, you're floating up towards the rotating fan blades. What will you do?

> Do a breast stroke (would give Strength but you won't reach the room)
> Do a flip (would give Speed but you won't reach the room)
> Dogpaddle (would give Power but you won't reach the room)
> Burp

this is what happens if you miss it:

You ignore your impending doom and do a few breaststrokes. It propels you upwards a bit, and it's a good workout.

You gained (this depends on what you did last and how often you did it)

You hit the rotating fan blades and lose 5000 life!

After passing through the fan you are chucked out of the chocolate factory roof by a vacuum tube and land with a thud in front of the entrance way. Ow!

You're a bit worse for wear, but you manage to survive Slugworth's sneak attack. You hear Slugworth's voice somewhere off in the distance.

Slugworth: Damn! He's stronger than I thought!

You get up and dust yourself off.

this is what happens if you burb you way to the goal - just burb until the link will show up:

> Open the Janitor's Closet

You grab the janitor's closet door, pull it open, and drag yourself inside.

The Closet is empty except for an old mop which smells like old bitter coffee, a box of polaroids, and a bunch of lye. You decide to grab as much as you can.

You get the Incriminating Photographs

You get the Bottle of Lye

You take the Mop and stick it with your weapons.

You exit the closet and close the door behind you.

You manage to burp out enough of the Fizzy Lifting Soda to completely stop your ascent. You float lightly back down to the ground.

Now go back to the Director.

Director 5: Oh, hey, you found my photographs... Uh if you could just hand those to me that would be great...

You hand over the Incriminating Photographs.

Director 5: Wow. That's a relief. What's that you say? Slugworth? In the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room? Hogwash. Look, I agreed to help vote Charlie out, but I don't have to listen to these crazy conspiracy theories. Now if you'll please leave me alone for a bit. Me and the paper shredder have a lot of work to do.

You begin to leave the office.

Director 5: Oh by the way, we'll be releasing a new candy tomorrow to commemorate the memory of Willy Wonka. Charlie's really trying to push the idea that he's dead. Who knows what his agenda is. Anyway, good day!

Day 7 is done

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Day 8

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:59 am

As everyday first of all you need to go to your Grandpa

Now check your mails


Dear ************,

I have heard what occured in the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room. It seems Slugworth is indeed back.

I know Willy Wonka trusted you to help him, so now I must also seek your assistance. We should meet somewhere... discreet.

Go to the Second City Sewer. Enter the red door. Go alone.


Before you do equip the Coffee-Soaked Mop

Go to Second City and enter the second sewer

You need to go where the mirrow shard is found

As you step into the small hidden room you hear footsteps step out of the shadows...

Charlie: Glad you could make it ************. So, about this Slugworth business...

************: We have to stop him and save Willy Wonka!

Charlie: Yeah... about that... You see, Mr. Slugworth paid me a visit recently and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

************: You're a.... traitor!

Charlie: Slugworth wants to change the candy industry ************! Willy Wonka is stuck in the past! There is a paradigm shift coming, and if we don't join with Slugworth, we'll be left behind... Join us ************!

************: Never!

Charlie: I'm sorry to hear that... Veruca.

You hear some rumbling sounds and gulping noises from out of the darkness.

[Uh oh]

Something hideous approaches you... It appears to be some kind of... Giant Garbage Monster... with the face of a little girl!

Veruca Salt: So, you must be ************. Slugworth's tired of you stepping on his toes. I'm going to get rid of you once and for all!

Charlie: I'm sorry things had to be like this ************. You could have been a great asset to Slugworth and I... Veruca, finish him off.

Charlie walks out nonchalantly as Veruca Salt approaches you, smacking her wretched green lips.

Veruca Salt: I want your soul ************. And I want it NOW!

[Crush Her]

You whip out your mop and wave it around in front of Veruca Salt. She hisses and screeches. The Bitterness from the stale coffee is counteracting the energy from the Everlasting Gobstopper!

Fight with Veruca Salt:

Great success, you win!
Your Coffee-Soaked Mop gained 8 exp (29/100).
You defeated Veruca Salt! She falls to the ground in a giant heap of garbage...

Suddenly the garbage starts to reassemble itself! You dodge a toilet paper roll flying past your head that attaches itself to Veruca Salt's arm.

Veruca Salt: Ow! That hurt! I'll get you back! You'll see!

She runs off back towards the Chocolate Factory, saying something about refueling...

Now you need to go to the Chocolate Factory

Veruca Salt: Hehehe! I want some chocolate! I want ALL the chocolate!

> Follow her!

Go to the Chocolate Room

You find Veruca Salt inside the Chocolate Room shoveling "dirt" into her mouth. She notices you and turns around.

Veruca Salt: Oh, back for more eh? You know, I think I'm done eating Chocolate... I want some FLESH!

She rushes straight towards you, a hungry look in her eyes!

> Stand your ground (2T)
> Jump out of the way (2T)
> Run (2T)

You leap out of the way and Veruca Salt sails past you before falling into the Chocolate River.

Veruca Salt: You're a quick one! I'll get your soul soon enough... Right after I dry off in the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room!

She disassembles into a whirlwind of garbage that climbs up a tube near the ceiling, leaving you alone inside the Chocolate Room

> Back to Wonkavator

Go to the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room.

You find Veruca Salt in the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room. She's licking some of the bubble residue off the walls. She notices you and turns around.

Veruca Salt: Oh, back for more eh? You won't get away so easily this time!

She rushes straight towards you, a hungry look in her eyes!

> Stand your ground (2T)
> Jump out of the way (2T)
> Run (2T)
> Flip the Fan Switch (2T)

You flip the switch, activating the whirling fan blade up at the top of the Fizzy Lifting Soda Room. Veruca Salt starts to lift uncontrollably off the ground.

Veruca Salt: Hey! What's going on? Hey! Wait!

She screams as she is sucked up into the rotating blades and chopped to pieces. Her remains get spit out near the front gates of the Chocolate Factory.

> Head out near the gates...

You run out to the front of the Chocolate Factory to find the remains of Veruca Salt littered about everywhere. You wipe the sweat off your brow and breathe a sigh of relief...

Suddenly, something glowing rises up from the pile of garbage. It's the Everlasting Gobstopper! Before you can even start heading for it though, all the garbage around you lifts up off the ground and starts flying straight towards it.

Veruca Salt is reassembling herself!

Veruca Salt: *grooaaannn* Ow... that really hurt. I need... to refuel... need... garbage...

She stumbles back into the Chocolate Factory, soiled napkins and crumpled soda cans flying after her.

> ...Back into the Factory I guess...

You find Veruca Salt in the Inventing Room. She looks exhausted. She's digging through the garbage bins shoveling the tiny compacted cubes of garbage from failed inventing experiments into her mouth.

Veruca Salt: Num num num... mmmmmmm. Oh, that's it I'm angry now!

She rushes straight towards you, death in her eyes!

> Stand your ground (2T)
> Jump out of the way (2T)
> Run (2T)

You leap out of the way and Veruca Salt sails past you! She flies directly into the Garbage/Candy Compactor.


There are growling and gnashing noises as the Compactor nearly blows a gasket trying to handle the immense amount of garbage! Suddenly, the screaming stops and a large compacted garbage cube of Veruca Salt remains rolls off the conveyor belt.

You pick up the cube and hurl it into the garbage bin, where it belongs. A moment later something shiny rolls out of the Compactor...

You get the Everlasting Gobstopper

It looks like that's the last anyone will be seeing of Veruca Salt.

> Back to Wonkavator

Now go to the Directors Offices and enter the newly open door

Director 6
: Veruca Salt? Garbage Monster? What? Stop with the crazy talk and listen up. I've thought about it, and I'll agree to vote against Charlie if you do me a solid. Have you ever tried Junior Mints? No? Well, they're chocolate covered mints and they're delicious. Unfortunately we don't produce them here at the factory. I would like you to head into the Inventing Room and make me some Junior Mints.

************: How?

Director 6: There should be three ingredients. Something chocolatey, a curiously strong mint, and something to help dissolve the mint into a yummy goo. We probably have something here in the factory strong enough to act as a dissolving agent...

You now need Chocolate Ice Cream, from Walmart, Altoids, from Hoburbian Flee Market, Bottle of Lye, which you already got then go to the Inventing Room

You toss the following onto the conveyor belt: Chocolate Ice Cream, Altoids, Bottle of Lye. You peddle the bike for a minute. Buzzing and steaming sounds eminate from the compactor until there is a loud popping noise. It's done! You go over to the conveyor belt and pick up your prize...

You take the Junior Mints and place it into your trolly.

Go back to the Office

Director 6
: Hey, you made the Junior Mints! Excellent! Hand em over!

You give the Junior Mints to the director.

Director 6: Num Num... Delicious! Alright, I'll vote for Wonka.

Six out of ten directors. You're on your way!

Day 8 is done

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Day 9

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:00 am

Day 9 is pretty easy and also pretty short but the bonus is amazing

First of all you need to visit your Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: Oh hello ***************. Slugworth has been quiet lately. There are rumours about
that Veruca Salt has fallen in battle. Crazy huh? Well, hopefully
Willy Wonka will show up again soon so you can finish your tour.
Until then, maybe you should explore the historic Hoburbian Beeramid?

Now you need to go to the Candy Shop and buy a Red Hot

Then get yourself some gasoline if you don't already got some and go to the Inventing Room

You toss the following onto the conveyor belt: Red Hots, Gasoline. You peddle the bike for a minute. Buzzing and steaming sounds eminate from the compactor until there is a loud popping noise. It's done! You go over to the conveyor belt and pick up your prize...

You take the Gas-Soaked Red Hots and place it into your trolly.

Now go to your Bag and use your lighter

You take out your gas-soaked red hots and light them on fire before sticking them back in your trolly. There, now they'll burn for REAL.

Eat them

You pop the Redder Hots into your mouth. They set your mouth on fire. Literally.

You're on fire!

Now the Mummy doesn't have a chance against you so go to the Beeramid and kill that Mummy (if you have yet to get to the Mummy please read this thread)

You enter the final room in the great Beeramid. The inside is filled with strange jars. There is a large sarcophagus in the shape of the great Hobo King, Tutanbeardman. The sarcophagus is a bit larger than normal. The outside depicts the Hobo King pushing some kind of majestic golden trolly.

In front of the sarcophagus is a huge ass pedestal, and on top of the huge ass pedestal is a huge ass diamond. You reach out to grab it... Suddenly, the sarcophagus swings open!

Fight with Ancient Beeramid Mummy:

You're on fire. Literally. You should probably get that looked at.

Great success, you win!
You defeated The Mummy!

After burning the mummy up, the only thing that remains is the Golden Trolly. You grab it, transfer all your food, and toss out your old trolly. This one is much roomier!

You then turn your attention to the diamond.

You get the Huge Ass Diamond

At this point you could be like "yeah, I got a Huge Ass Diamond" but you should be more like "yeah, I got a Golden Trolly" because on the one hand you will have to give away the Diamond in just a second but on the other hand the trolly rocks even harder. From now on you can carry 20 pieces of food (even though it still says you can only carry 10, just a little bug)

Ok, now that you got the Diamond go to the Directors Offices and enter the seventh office

Director 7: Hey, you got the Diamond! Great!

You hand over the Huge Ass Diamond.

Director 7: Now I can finally afford that continent I've always been wanting! Thanks! I'll definitely vote for Wonka now.

Day 9 is done

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Day 10

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:13 am

In my opinion this is by far the hardest day of Adventuring we had so far including the first adventures

Ok here we go, go to your Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: Hi ***************. It's been oddly quiet of late. I feel like something is brewing under the surface... something that could explode any moment... Ohhh, I shouldn't have had those enchiladas for lunch...

Now head over to the Chocolate Factory

As you approach the Chocolate Factory, you spot a crowd of reporters. Camera flashes fire with machine gun rapidity, all focused on a bewildered Charlie.

Reporter 1: Mr. Charlie! There are some who charge that Willy Wonka's death is a fabrication by Wonka Corp. How do you respond to these charges?

Charlie: I have said before that these claims are completely spurious and unjustified, and that's all I will say on the matter.

Reporter 2: Where is Mr. Wonka's body? Why hasn't the press been allowed access?

reporter 3: Mr. Charlie! What do you have to say to those who claim Slugworth has returned? Are these stories somehow linked?

Charlie: That's enough questions for today. Thank you everyone!

Charlie's security guards escort him through the crowd and into the safety of the Chocolate Factory. After a moment one of the reporters seems to notice you.

Reporter 2: It's the Golden Ticket Winner! Sir, how do you feel about your tour being cut short?

Reporter 3: Do you expect compensation from Wonka Corp?

> Get out of here!

You bolt quicker than the throng of reporters can follow. You hide behind a billboard stand until the crowd disperses. Phew.

> Head back towards the Chocolate Factory

Now go to the Director's Offices and enter the eightth office

Director 8: I've been looking forward to your visit Ticket-Holder. I have a favor to ask of you. Complete this task and you will win my support.

***************: What is it?

Director 8: I've got a pretty nice salary here at Wonka Corp. It's helped pay for my classic car collection. There is one vehicle that would be the prize of my collection though, and I need you to get it for me.

***************: Yeah?

Director 8: The vehicle I desire is the Wonka Mobile. It belongs to Charlie, and is kept in the executive parking garage under the factory here. I'll give you access from the elevator. Get the Wonka Mobile and deliver it to the Parking Garage in Second City. Then we'll talk.

***************: This adventure reminds of that one game where you steal cars and beat up hookers. I think it's called Battletoads.

Director 8: Just get the Wonka Mobile, okay?

Go to the executive parking garage if you don't already know where it is, it's one of the exits from the Wonkavator

Whoa! This is the strangest parking garage you've ever seen! Multi colored tiles litter the ground completely obliterating any sort of navigatable path.

Clear a path from the Wonka Mobile to the exit by moving the tiles.

Unfortunately I can't provide you with the solution to this riddle in step by step but what I did was first to move all the tiles to the edges and then move them all together back to the middle. They don't need to be all on the same edge and I ended up with the bottom 2 not fitting so I had to move them seperately to the edge and back into the middle. Nevertheless when you made it you get this

You manage to clear a path for the Wonka Mobile to reach the garage exit. You hop in and it starts sputtering and spitting suds and bubbles everywhere.

Time to get this thing to the parking garage in Second City!

Now you have to go to the parking garage in Second City. Remember that the entrance fee is $100

You park the Wonka Mobile in the garage, just as the Director told you to. Mission accomplished! Better go over to the Wonka Director's office.

Do as you are told and head back to the office

Director 8: Huh? You got it? Niiiiiccee! Finally, the Wonka Mobile is mine! I'll do as I said and vote against Charlie. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some ridin' to do.

It seemed a little short to me this day but I guess that is due to this pretty hard riddle, so....

Day 10 is done

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Day 11

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:51 am

Like every day talk to Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: Oh hello ***************. The mailman came by again earlier today. You should check your mailbox.

Go check your mail


Dear ***************,

It is so cold and dark here. One of the guards has taken pity on me and sneaks me fruit now and then, but other than that I am becoming emaciated and weak. I fear I cannot last much longer in this place...

There are but two more Gobstoppers for you to gather. I have heard whispers of things to come, and now know that Slugworth will soon be sending Mike Teevee to infiltrate the Chocolate Factory to steal the secrets of my Wonka Vision technology. He wants to turn it into a weapon...

Mike holds one of the two remaining Gobstoppers. You must take it from him ***************. Summon the Oompa Loompas once more. They will take you to the Wonka Surveillance Room.

Good Luck ***************

-Willy Wonka

Go to your Bag and use the Flute

You blow on the Loompa Whistle. Suddenly, several Oompa Loompas appear from nowhere.

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
I've got another puzzle for you
What do you get from a glut of TV?
Loads of entertainment, entirely free
Why would you even bother to read?
There's no good reason we... can... see!

***************: I... words... failing...

Oompa Loompa #2: You can reach the surveillance room from the elevator. Now if you'll excuse us, we're on break...

The Oompa Loompas wander off back towards the Chocolate Factory.

Now it's time to equip the Mop if you don't already have then go to the Surveillance Room in the Chocolate Factory

The Surveillance Room is filled wall to wall with television sets, all monitored by a single Oompa Loompa in a security uniform. On each and every screen you can see what appears to be surveillance footage. On one screen is a hobo sitting and eating a burger at In-n-Out. On another you see a hobo with spider man pants wandering around in a Second City Sewer. On another screen you see... yourself, standing in the Surveillance Room.

In the center of the room is what looks like a giant white video camera with the words Wonka Vision written on it. Nearby is a pedestal with a single television set on it. It's got a huuuuuggeee channel knob and a slot for sticking $100 bills into.

You hear ghostly sounds coming from the television set.


The Oompa Loompa shudders.

Oompa Loompa Security Guard: I....I... It's Mike Teevee! H.. He's haunting the the television set over t..t...there...

If you want you can make the Oompa Loompa tell you a little about what this machine does if not you can just continue the Adventure by entering the following into the "Choose a channel" box:

Don't worry it won't cost you anything if you enter this ID... to receive this number on the regular way you have to look for Mike Teevee in the hobomeeting area... you will get his ID on there

You tune the receiver to channel 1304946. Suddenly, the screen goes black. You hear what sounds like a telephone ringing somewhere in the distance... and then...

Oompa Loompa Guard: Oh God! It's happening again! Oh God!

The Guard bolts from the room.

Mike Teevee: I've been waiting for you ***************... I want to show you the magic of television... You know how television works, don't you ***************? hisssssss... You can be sent through the airwaves to anyone with a tv set... But first we have to cut you... INTO A MILLION PIECES!!!!

> Fight him! (5T)
> Auugghhh! Run!

You whip out your mop and wave it around in front of Mike Teevee. He hisses and screeches. The Bitterness from the stale coffee is counteracting the energy from the Everlasting Gobstopper!

Fight with Mike Teevee:

Great success, you win!
You defeated Mike Teevee!

Mike Teevee falls to the ground, landing smack in the center of the room, straight in the path of the Wonkavision Camera... He moans in pain. He's down, but he's not out!

> Better act fast!

Mike Teevee lies in the center of the Surveillance Room, the Wonkavision Camera pointed directly at him. He begins to regather himself after your brutal smackdown. You look back and forth between the TV set and the Camera. Thinking quickly, you formulate a clever plan.

At this point you could talk to Grandpa to find out what to do...... or you just read on here what Grandpa has to say

Grandpa Joe: Mike Teevee? Eh? No idea. You'll just have to search him out yourself I'm afraid... He's very dangerous ***************. If you're going after him you have to promise me one thing...

***************: What's that Grandpa Joe?

Grandpa Joe: Don't Miss. Send that bastard to Hell. <~~~~~ this is not colored by me

***************: ...Alright Grandpa Joe.

If you still went to Grandpa go back to the Surveillance Room now and enter 666 (there actually is a hobo with that ID) in the Box that says "Choose a channel" and click on "Change the TV Channel"

You flip the Television set to channel 666. Mike Teevee lies in the center of the room groaning!

> Flip the Wonkavision Camera On

You flip the switch on the Wonkavision Camera!

Mike Teevee disappears in a burst of smoke! Suddenly the camera shoots millions of tiny particles across overhead in the direction of the television screen. You watch in awe for a minute until the last few particles finish their journey. You turn back to the television.

You see a tiny Mike Teevee appear on the television screen surrounded by... flames?

Mike Teevee: Where... Where am I?

Deep Voice: Welcome Mike... We've been waiting for you...

Flames whip around Mike Teevee. He begins to sweat and mutter.

Mike Teevee: I... I've never seen this channel...

Deep Voice: Get used to it Mike... This is the only channel you'll be watching from here on out. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mike starts to panic! The last thing you see is his cowboy hat whipping off his head as he is dragged away into the flames... You hear some screams and then something glowing and colorful pops out of the TV screen.

You get the Everlasting Gobstopper

The Oompa Loompa security guard peeks his head back in the door, visibly shaking.

Oompa Loompa: Is he gone yet?

***************: Yeah. He's gone.

Now go the Director's Offices and enter the nineth

Director 9: Thanks for ridding the security room of Mike Teevee. I'm on your side now.

Day 11 is done


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Day 12

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:11 am

Go to Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: Hello ***************. Wind is cold today... There's a storm comin'... I can feel it in my bones. I'm afraid ***************. I see nothing but dark days ahead...

Go to the Director's Offices and enter the tenth office

Director 10: Ah... the Golden Ticket holder... Look I know what you want of me... to vote against Charlie tomorrow at the board meeting... but I cannot...

*************: Why not?

Director 10: I received a visit earlier today from Charlie... He said he knew what we Directors were up to... He said it would be a shame if anything happened to my family... should I vote against him tomorrow...

***************: Charlie threatened your family?

Director 10: He said Wonka's days were over, and the Board of Directors would soon be replaced... With Slugworth's men...

***************: Slugworth!?

Director 10: I'm sorry. I want to vote against Charlie, but I've got my wife and kids to think about...

> "You're just going to lie down and let Charlie destroy this company!?" <~~~this is the right link to click it just is italic so just click it

Director 10: I'm very sorry... but I've got a son in primary school, a daughter in high school, and a wife who works at City Hall in Second City. Unless I knew they were safe and out of the reach of Charlie and his thugs, I simply couldn't do anything to endanger their safety.

Now make sure you have a pack of cigarettes in your bag (you should have if you finished the first adventures), if not buy one on the Flee Market in Hoburbia, then go to the Primary School

You walk up to the Primary School and find a group of kids playing outside. You overhear one of them bragging to his friends about his father who works at the Chocolate Factory.

Director's Son: Yeah, I get all the candy I want! Wanna see?

The kid pulls open his backpack to display a treasure trove of candy!

Director's Son: I even get to try some candies before they go on sale. Check these out!

Other Kid: Whoa! Candy cigarettes! Cool! Can I have one?

> "Pssst, hey kid, can I bum a candy cigarette?" <~~~~ same as above

The Director's Son looks at you, the strange hobo in the primary school courtyard trying to bum candy from him, and shrugs his shoulders.

Director's Son: ...You can have one, but it'll cost you mister...

> Beg him for a cigarette (1T)
> Offer him $100 (2T)
> Beg him for a cigarette, and swap the pack out with your own (1T)
> Offer him $100, and swap the pack out with your own (2T)

If you are a good beggar you might wanna try begging him for a cigarette but if not just pay him then $100

You hand the kid a cool $100.

Director's Son: Okay, here, have one.

He holds the pack out. You grab the whole thing from his outstretched hand.

Director's Son: Heyyyyyy! Give those back or I'm going to yell for the teacher!

You practice a little sleight of hand and switch the packet of candy cigarettes out for your pack of real cigarettes. You hand the pack back to the kid, who doesn't notice your switcheroo.

***************: Sorry bout that...

He looks at you with a slightly annoyed expression. Suddenly the bell rings and runs back into class with his friends.

You take the Pack of Candy Cigarettes and place it into your trolly.

> Now we play the waiting game...

You peak in one of the school windows and see the Director's Son in class handing each of his friends a cigarette. One of the kids tries to bite into one of them and spits it back out.

Kid: ugghh!! Gross! Hey, what's the big idea?

The teacher hears the ruckus and comes marching over.

Teacher: What's going on?

Kid: He gave us cigarettes Mrs. Robinson!

Mrs. Robinson looks at the Director's Son with a frown.

Mrs. Robinson: Now Billy, you know we have a zero tolerance policy for cigarettes at school!

Director's Son: But I did-

Mrs. Robinson blows on the whistle around her neck and two policemen come ambling into the classroom and grab the Director's Son.

Policeman #1: Come with us now son. We're gonna put you away for a loooonnnggg time.

The Director's Son protests loudly as the two officers drag him off towards the big house.

Now make sure you own a bloody knife and go to High School

You wander into the highschool and find the hallways empty. There is a row of lockers running along the hallway, only some of them with locks attached. Seems there are some pretty trusting kids at this school...

A sign on the wall reads "Locker inspections today!"

I just tried all the lockers to see what might happen. To get on in the adventure you need to open locker 9

here are the others

You walk up to Locker #1 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #2 and attempt to pull it open.

It opens! You look inside and see nothing but some old gym socks and a couple of dirty magazines.

You walk up to Locker #3 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #4 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #5 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #6 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #7 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #8 and attempt to pull it open.

It opens! You peer inside the locker and see something green. You reach out to touch it and... OUCH! Someone left a baby alligator in here! You lost a small chunk of finger!

You lose 100 life!

You walk up to Locker #10 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #11 and attempt to pull it open.

The locker doesn't open. It's locked tight.

You walk up to Locker #12 and attempt to pull it open.

It opens! You peak inside, but see nothing except a stack of boring old textbooks. Laaaaammmmeeee.

and now the correct locker

It opens! The bottom of the locker is covered in chunks of old hard candy and some small pools of powdered sugar. Willy Wonka stickers adorn the inside of the locker door. This
must be the Director's daughter's locker.

> Leave a bloody knife inside the locker (1T)
> Leave a bloody prisoner uniform inside the locker (1T)

You toss your Bloody Knife inside the locker and slam it shut. You hide behind a trash bin and wait.

A few minutes later a group of admistrators walk down the hallway and start opening up each locker, one by one, and poking around inside. You wait with baited breath as they reach the Director's daughter's locker and pull it open.

Principle: ...Now what do we have here...

He pulls the Bloody Knife out of the locker and looks at it for a minute before consulting his clipboard.

Principle: Would somebody please get Ms. Doherty and bring her here?

About five minutes go by before a teacher returns leading the Director's daughter down the hall. They stop in front of the principle, who produces the Bloody Knife.

Principle: We found this in your locker. Care to explain, Ms. Doherty?

The Director's daughter looks visibly miffed. She stutters and mumbles.

Director's daughter: I... umm... uh... that's... not mine!

The Principle snaps his fingers and two security officers appear and cuff the teenage girl.

Principle: Take her away boys. Make sure you keep her under lock. and. key.

The Director's Daughter goes quietly with the two officers as they put her in the back of the paddy wagon and drive off towards the jail. Success!

Next you need to go to Second City's City Hall

As you walk up to City Hall you see a huge crowd of people hanging around outside looking nervous. Barricades and police officers block the steps and turn away anyone who tries to enter. You ask a green-shirted hobo standing nearby what's going on.

Green-shirted Hobo: Someone's been calling in bomb threats to City Hall. Third time this week. Everyone's a bit on edge.

You notice a short man with a black cap and a moustache rifling through people's pockets and pulling out wallets and watches. After a few minutes and about a dozen victims he slinks off behind a bush, out of sight.

***************: Who's that?

Green-shirted Hobo: Oh, that's Boris. He's a pickpocket. He's been taking full advantage of the distracted crowds during these bomb scares. Smart guy.

Just then a bomb squad member comes out of the front entrance to City Hall and gives
the thumbs up.

Police Officer: Alright everyone, all clear! You can return to work!

The crowd starts to shuffle back inside City Hall.

> Follow Boris

You find Boris behind a bush digging through a stack of wallets. He looks up at you startled, but then regains himself and continues sorting through the wallets.

Boris: Fellow Hobo eh? can I help you with somethin?

***************: ummmm...

Boris: Okay! Fine! I'll admit it! It was me! I've been calling in the bomb threats to City Hall! Everyone's so distracted it makes picking pockets easier than a Kirby game. Okay?!

***************: I didn't ask-

Boris: Look, just keep this to yourself okay?

He takes the wad of money from all the wallets and slips it into his pocket, before running off. In his haste to leave it seems he left a stack of stolen drivers licenses on the grass. You pick it up...

You get the Stack of Drivers Licenses

Grab into you bag and use the drivers licenses

You dig through the stack of drivers licenses. Harrison... Lennon... Mccartney... Reeves...

One of the licenses is covered in white powder! You realize after a moment it's just sugar though... You wipe it off and see the name: Kathleen Doherty. This must be the Director's Wife! Score! It's got all her information on it...

Now use your address book to call City Hall Kitchen (545-5565 if you don't have the address book for some reason)

Chef: City Hall Kitchen. How may I help you?

You try and make your voice sound as feminine as possible.

***************: Uh... hi. I'd like to call in a bomb threat. I'm going to blow up City Hall.

Chef: Another one!? Aw man, I just put a roast in the oven...

You pull out the drivers license from your pocket.

***************: Yeah, I'm going to blow all of you up and kill everyone. By the way, my name is... Kathleen Doherty. I work in City Hall and my address is 1255 Pinto Ave, Hoburbia. I'm 5'5" and have hazel eyes. I wear corrective lenses.

Chef: Ha! That will be your last blunder Doherty! You see the cops are tapping the phones! Oh, you're in trouble now!

You close the cell phone. That should probably do it. Now to go back to city hall to see how things play out...

Go back to City Hall

Outside City Hall you see a bunch of SWAT team guys cuffing the Director's Wife and stuffing a bag over her head.

SWAT team member: Hope you don't mind solitary too much. You won't be seeing the light of day for a lonnnnnnggg time Mrs. Doherty.

You can't help but feel a little guilty. But then they stuff her inside the SWAT van and the feeling subsides. Outta sight outta mind!

Well, that's the entirety of the Director's family safely locked away in prison!

Since all of the Director's family is in jail go back to him

You walk into the Director's office just as he's hanging up the phone. He rests his head in his hands and sobs.

***************: Ummm Mr. Director?

Director 10: Ruined. My life... ruined. My wife and my two children... in prison...

***************: Sooooo, now that they're safely locked away....

Director 10: Huh? Oh yeah. Fine. I'll vote against Charlie... Now if you'll leave me alone please... I have to call my lawyer...

You manage to make it out of the room before the Director starts sobbing. Man, that guy's a real downer!

Day 12 is done

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Day 13

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:03 am

Talk to your Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: The city is on lockdown today. Everyone expects there to be some major fireworks at the Chocolate Factory board meeting.

Go to the Directors Offices and click on the closed door

You step into the board room. All of the 10 Directors are seated around a large table. One of them greets you.

Director 5: Ah, hello Golden Ticket Holder. We saved you a seat at the end of the table here. Charlie should be here soon...

You seat yourself all the way at the end of the long table. The room is quiet and tense, the only sounds being the nervous shuffling of the Directors' feet and the buzz of the air conditioner. Then, the Board Room door opens, and Charlie enters, flanked by two burley security men. He takes a position at the head of the board room table, but does not sit.

Charlie: Welcome everyone, to our monthly Board meeting. I know the past month has
seen some tough times, but production is up and-

Director 10: That's enough Charlie. We're tired of the lies.

Director 4: And we're tired of having you run this company into the ground. I put it to motion that we remove Charlie as CEO of Wonka Corp, and reinstate Willy Wonka!

> A vote?

Slowly, one after the other, the Director's raise their arms, until there is no question.

Director 4: Then the vote passes unanimously!

Charlie: You're way ahead of me my good friends! You see, I was just about to raise the motion myself! You see, we have found Willy Wonka, alive and well!

The Boardroom doors open, and in walks Willy Wonka! He walks past you and joins Charlie at the head of the table. You notice something is... off about Willy...

Charlie: Yes, Willy Wonka is alive! And he is ready to take the reigns of this company back, and guide us to a new glorious era of chocolate production!

Willy Wonka: Hello friends. I have been away... traveling. In my travels I have discovered something that will revolutionize the candy industry. A substance I call: Dark Chocolate! We will begin production of the substance immediately.

You peer into Wonka's eyes and find them devoid of anything. You sense neither joy nor malice in them. Only... emptiness.

Willy Wonka: In addition, as one of my first orders of business, I would like to reemploy Charlie here as Prime Minister of Chocolate!

> Prime Minister of Chocolate?

Director 2: Excuse me sir, but I don't believe there is a Prime Minister position here at the Chocolate Factory.

Willy Wonka: Silence him!

One of the security guards grabs the second Director and beats him over the head with a truncheon before tossing him out of the boardroom.

Willy Wonka: Anyone else wanna speak up? Good. Production of Dark Chocolate will begin immediately. Meeting adjorned!

Willy Wonka produces a gavel from somewhere and bangs it on the table. Everyone files out of the boardroom slowly. You overhear one of the Directors whispering to another.

Director 7: There's something... different about Willy Wonka...

Go check your mails


Dear ************,

They've begun to torture me... I fear I am nearing my breaking point... The other day Slugworth came and took some of my blood. I fear he may be creating a doppleganger. Beware of any imposter Wonkas *************!

You are the last hope, ***********. Seek out the newspaper man once more. He will show you the way...

-Willy Wonka

Explore the City and go to the coordinates of the Newspaper Man (if you forgot them just check you bag there should be a letter with the coords at the bottom)

You found:
some bozo hawking newspapers.

Newspaper Man: Newspaper! Get yer newspaper! Ahhh, hello Golden Ticket Holder! Have you found all the Eternal Gobstoppers yet?

************: All but one... Charlie's.

Newspaper Man: I see... I have heard whispers of Wonka's return to the factory.

************: He's an-

Newspaper Man: I know, he is an imposter controlled by Slugworth. And I also know Slugworth plans on using the Chocolate Factory to produce an evil substance known as Dark Chocolate.

************: How can I stop him?

Newspaper Man: So shines a good deed in this dark hour... Hand me your Map of Hoburbia.

You hand it over. The Newspaper man takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and tapes it to the top of your map.

Newspaper Man: This will show you the way to Slugworth's fortress. There you will find Slugworth, along with a captive Willy Wonka. But beware, Slugworth cannot be defeated while the Eternal Gobstoppers remain. Now I must be off... I do have a paper route you know...

Go to the Slugworth's Evil Fortress and yell at the people inside

You march up to the Fortress only to find it surrounded by an impassable lava moat. Damn supervillans.

You spot a brutish looking fellow on the other side of the moat standing near a raised drawbridge and a large lever. Your wily instincts tell you that the lever must control the drawbridge. You're going to have to get that guy to lower the bridge...

A few yards from the drawbridge there is a workman with a large toolbelt repairing what looks like a malfunctioning flaming skull.

> Yell to the drawbridge guard
> Yell to the workman
> Try and swim the moat (1T)

I missed on taking down the first two times I yelled at the workman but I think it's not that hard to find out. If you have absolutely no idea just click all of the options. The wrong one won't cause any harm at all so you don't have to worry. Here is the last thing you have to click.

What do you want to yell at the workman?

> "Hey, could you do me a favor and knock out that guard and lower the drawbridge?"
> "What do you call a repairman with no talent? ...Give up? ...You!"
> "Whatcha workin on?"

************: What do you call a repairman with no talent? ...Give up? ...You!

Workman: Oh, that's it! You screwed with the wrong guy!

He turns around and pulls a hammer out of his tool belt, raises his arm, and chucks it straight at you! You try and jump out of the way, but the hammer strikes you straight in the forehead. Ouch!

You lose 150 life!

Workman: I used to throw knives in the circus, and I got heavier tools than that here, so you'd be smart to keep your trap shut from here on out!

He turns back to the flaming skull. What a dick.

You pick up the hammer off the ground in front of you.

You get the Hammer

Go to the Tin Can Alley and talk to the Modern Artist

Modern Artist: Oh, nice! A hammer! Can I... have that?

You hand the hammer over to the Modern Artist.

Modern Artist: Hey, thanks a lot man. Now I can get started on my giant wooden rat! It's gonna take me a while to build. Like, an entire day probably. Come back and check it out when it's done!

Looks like you're going to have to wait.

Day 13 is done


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Day 14

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:57 am

As usual you first visit your Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: I couldn't sleep all night, ************! I kept hearing loud hammering coming from Tin Can Alley. Thank goodness it's finally stopped!

Go to the Tin Can Alley and visit the Modern Artist

Modern Artist: It's done! Behold it's glory!

The Modern Artist is leaning proudly on the giant wooden rat sculpture.

Modern Artist: I call it The Trojan Rat! Look, it's even got a hatch for climbing inside! The rat represents the homeless, and the idea is that you climb inside and are completely blind to the problem, even though it surrounds you everywhere you look!

************: Sounds like modern art.

Modern Artist: I'm selling the piece, but in keeping with my hobo companions around here, I will only be accepting cans as payment. It's 200 cans if you would like to be the proud owner of this giant wooden rat.

> Pay him the 200 cans

You hand the Modern Artist 200 cans.

Modern Artist: Hey, thanks man! It's all yours. I've got it on wheels, but you'll probably need some help pushing it outta here.

You are now the proud owner of the Trojan Rat!

Now how to get it out of here...

Go to your bag and play the Oompa Loompa Flute

You blow on the Loompa Whistle. Suddenly, several Oompa Loompas appear from nowhere.

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
If you need moving buddies then we can help you

You and the Oompa Loompas head over to Tin Can Alley.

Modern Artist: Found some friends to help move the Trojan Rat? Well, take care of her. She's a masterpiece you know!

Oompa Loompa #3: Wherever you want it, just head on over there and we'll follow you.

Now you have to go to Slugworth's Fortress

As you approach Slugworth's Fortress, the Oompa Loompas and Trojan Rat in tow, you have a thought...

Afew minutes later, you're nestled comfortably inside the Trojan Rat. The Oompa Loompas push you up to the lava moat and yell over to the guard.

Oompa Loompa doompadee dee
Got a present here for Mr. Slugworth from Charlie

You can't see anything, so the momentary silence leaves you a bit nervous.

Guard: Hmmm... Wasn't expecting any deliveries today... But I suppose it's a surprise... Alright. One minute.

You hear the creak of the drawbridge lowering, and a moment later you're being pushed over to the other side by the Oompa Loompas. You come to a stop and hear some mumbling between the Oompa Loompas and the Guard.

> Jump out of the hatch

You bust out of the hatch with lightning speed and sock the guard in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious!

The Oompa Loompas drag the body away to God knows where. Well, you've crossed the moat. Time to head inside the fortress...

Lightning bolts fill the gray sky as you step up the menacing steps towards the foreboding entrance. A dark mix of maniacal laughter and thunder rips the ominous silence in twain.

What I'm trying to say is this place is way creepy.

> Continue on...

You step inside Slugworth's evil fortress. It's like a creepy bizarro version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. This Slugworth guy has some real identity issues...

You head past what looks to be an evil claw machine towards an elevator with a gothic plaque reading The Evilevator. You press the Evilevator call button and step inside when it dings. Hey, what's the worst that could happen?

Go to the Evil Offices. The doors are all closed and when you click them they give you hints on how to open them but if you click the wrong door you will lose 2T so I will just give you all the hints and the correct order on how to open the doors.

Just checked with some people and found out that the order is different for every hobo so you just will have to solve this on your own... the easiest way of doing to is to write down every hint and then try to put them together on a piece of paper

The third door is 4 letters higher up the alphabet than the fourth door.
Door A should be opened second.
The ninth door is straight across the hallway from the fourth door.
Open this door eighth.
The fourth door is 2 letters lower down the alphabet than the sixth door.
The third door is 4 letters higher up the alphabet than the fourth door.
The first door and the sixth door are both on the right side of the hallway.
The last door and the eighth door are both on the left side of the hallway.
Door J should be opened third.
Do not open Door D unless Doors G and J are already open.
Doors A and C are either the first or third doors to open.
<~~~ this one is nothing but wrong

The correct order is I-A-J-F-C-H-G-D-E-B

You pull open the final door, and suddenly a chorus of voices echoes out of the darkness.

Free. We are free! We've been trapped in our offices for a thousand years, but now we are free! You may pass into the boardroom of despaaaaaaairrrrrr traveler!

The doors all slam shut. You hear the boardroom door click open.

Now that all doors are open enter the Boardroom

You enter the Boardroom and see a long empty table. At the end sits a... well you're not entirely sure what it is. It's like a freaky, short, bipedal, red moose.


************: What are you?


He starts to lick his chops creepily. You notice a large hourglass attached to the wall behind the Whangdoodle.


> Rush the freaky bastard

Fight with Whangdoodle Mercenary:

Great success, you win!
You beat the Whangdoodle Mercenary from here til Sunday.

> Turn the Hourglass

You walk up to the hourglass on the Boardroom wall. It's stuck to the wall like some kind of knob. Underneath is a plaque that reads: Access Dark Chocolate Room.

You reach out and turn it. The sand starts to fall slowly through the narrow center.

Looks like you'll just have to wait for a while for the hourglass to do it's thing.

Day 14 is done

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Day 15

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:03 am

Go visit your Grandpa.

Grandpa Joe: Hello ************! Everyone says there's something different about Willy Wonka ever since he returned to the factory. Apparently he just hangs out in the Executive Suite all day, rarely admitting anyone, except for Charlie of course.

They're scheduled to have the first batch of Dark Chocolate finished and flowing through the Chocolate River today. Everybody here in the nursing home is frightened, but a little excited... Oh, I wish my friend the Newspaper Man were here... He would know what to do...

Go to the Newspaper Man. If you still don't remember where he is just look at some of the previous Days.

You found: some bozo hawking newspapers.

Newspaper Man: Good day Golden Ticket Holder. I have heard today is supposed to be the first day of Dark Chocolate production... You must sabotage the operation ************.

************: How?

Newspaper Man: Slugworth has created the Dark Chocolate base at the Dark Chocolate Room in his factory, but cannot properly sweeten the substance. Dark Chocolate is very bitter stuff. It requires the sweetest sugar to bring out its deliciousness. Only Willy Wonka's sugar is up to par.

************: Gotcha...

Newspaper Man: Slugworth plans to transfer the Dark Chocolate over to Wonka's Factory, sweetening it in the process, and then sell Dark Chocolate under the Wonka brand. If the people of Hoburbia ever taste Dark Chocolate, there will be no going back!

************: Okay, I think that's enough exposition for now...

Newspaper Man: But Dark Chocolate is evil stuff! The first time you try it, its delicious, sure... but after that you need more... you crave it...

************: Alright, I'm gonna go now...

Newspaper Man: You just want more and more! You want it sweeter and sweeter, until you can't buy chocolate from anyone else... And then Slugworth has you in his clutches.

************: Seriously, bye!

The Newspaper Man calls out after you as you walk off.

Newspaper Man: Don't eat the Dark Chocolate ************! And remember! The bitter unsweetened base is practically inedible!

Go to the Dark Chocolate Room

Inside the Dark Chocolate Room Whangdoodles hobble to and fro performing menial labour. The room is similar to the Chocolate Room in Willy Wonka's factory, except where there should be a chocolate river is a dried out pit...

Off at one end of the room, past a row of jelly bean bushes, is a large lever with a plaque next to it reading "Chocolate Transfer Switch".

> Climb down into the pit
> Hit the switch (3T)
> Eat Something! (4T)

Green = Valve
Yellow = Lever
Dark Red = Map
Blue = Starting Point

Go to the Valve

There is a large valve here next to a sign that reads: Dark Chocolatifier

Underneath the sign are some markings etched into the wall: ul ur dr

The Dark Chocolatifier is currently off.

The ul ur dr stands for the levers you have to turn, Up Left, Up Right and Down Right.

Once those levers are turned on go back to the Valve and turn it.

You put all your weight into it and turn the valve. Success! The Dark Chocolatifier starts buzzing and chugging.

Leave the Pit

> Hit the switch (3T)

You manage to sneak past all the Whangdoodle Laborers and hit the chocolate transfer switch.

Chocolate starts to pour out of the pipes lining the large pit in the center of the room, glorping out delicious chocolate. Soon enough there is a chocolate river flowing through the center of the room.

Now you can either go to the Evil Offices and beat the moose again or you just go straight to the Chocolate Room. The River should now be dried out so enter the pit

The Map is the exact same as in the Dark Chocolate Room so do the same thing as before but beware! This time you have to turn the Down Left and Up Right Levers to be able to turn the sweetener off.

You put all your weight into it and turn the valve. Success! The Chocolate Sweetener powers down with a whimper.

> Climb out of the pit

Go to the Dark Chocolate Room again and Hit the switch one last time.

You try sneaking past the Whangdoodles to hit the switch, but one of them spots you.

Whangdoodle Laborer: STOP THERE YOU!

Fight with Whangdoodle Laborer:

Great success, you win!
You crush the Whangdoodle Laborer. It collapses to the floor. You hop over it and hit the chocolate transfer switch.

The chocolate in the chocolate river glurbles and blorps as it slowly drains, leaving nothing but a sticky brown pit in the middle of the room.

You hear the Whangdoodle Shift Manager call out to all the laborers.



The Whangdoodle's all sit down in the center of the Dark Chocolate Room for a rowsing game of Boggle.

Go back to the Chocolate Room.

The Oompa Loompas are all rushing up and down along the Bank of the Chocolate River, stirring the Dark Chocolate. The scene is fairly hectic. You'd probably better not go near the river for now. Maybe snack on some of the candy foliage instead?

> Eat Something! (4T)

After you're done snacking you hear the front door of the Chocolate Room burst open! Charlie himself walks in and begins talking loudly at the Oompa Loompas.

Charlie: The Dark Chocolate is ready then? Excellent. I want Dark Chocolate Wonka Bars in production and selling in candy stores within 24 hours!

Oompa Loompa #36: Yes sir!

Charlie marches out of the Chocolate Room.

Day 15 is done


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Day 16

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 26, 2008 7:43 am

Visit Grandpa, oh wow do I really have to say this every day? Oh well...

Grandpa Joe: Hey ************. Have you tried A Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar yet? They just came out today. There's a big line over at the Candy Store... but I'm to old to go myself... Would you do your old Grandpa Joe a favor and pick him up a Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar? Pick one up for yourself too.

Go to the Candy Shop

A huge line snakes around the Candy Store, filled with children, hobos, cripples, mental patients... Practically the whole city has come out for the unveiling of the Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar!

> Cut in line (3T)
> Beg someone to let you cut in line (5T)
> Wait patiently for your turn... (20T)

Make your way to the front of the line. I don't care how but you need to know that you have to be a pretty good fighter to make the fight and begging is absolutely not for beginners.

You get in the back of the line and patiently wait your turn. Lame, but effective.

> Head inside the Candy Store

Buy 2 Dark Chocolate Wonka Bars and head back to Grandpa

Grandpa Joe: have you gotten some Dark Chocolate Wonka Bars yet? You go first ************... I'm too frightened...

Eat one of the newly bought Wonka Bars

You consumed the Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar. It's... it's completely awful. There's absolutely no sugar in the thing! It's the bitterest chocolate you've ever tasted! You regretfully gain 3 awake. You peel off the Wonka Wrapper and stuff it inside your unusually large backpack.

Go to Grandpa once again

You hand the Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar over to Grandpa Joe. He rips the wrapper off hungrily and shoves a big bite of dark chocolate into his mouth.

He spits it out almost immediately.

Grandpa Joe: This... this is the bitterest chocolate I've ever tasted! They didn't put any sugar in it! This... this is a travesty! Why... if I had full control of my legs I'd march right over to that Chocolate Factory and give them a piece of my mind!

Go to the Chocolate Factory.

Outside the Chocolate Factory is gathered a huge crowd, all yelling and waving pitchforks.

Angry Mob Member: We want Wonka!

Other Angry Mob Member: I've had that horrible bitter taste in my mouth all day! I demand a refund!

Yet Another Angry Mob Member: Dark Chocolate is a lie!

This mob is way too thick and angry. You're just going to have to wait for it to disperse before you can get back into the Chocolate Factory.

Go to Grandpa yet again

Grandpa Joe: What happened to Willy Wonka... His chocolates used to be so delicious... but this... this Dark Chocolate... It's a disgrace!

Go to the Dark Chocolate Room

The Whangdoodles are all standing around shaking their legs.



> Eat Something! (4T)

After you're done snacking you hear the front door of the Dark Chocolate Room burst open! A chill bursts over the room...

It's Slugworth, and he's angry!

Slugworth: Why was there no sugar in the Dark Chocolate Bars? I WANT ANSWERS! YOU!!!

Slugworth points to the Whangdoodle Shift Manager.


Slugworth: DAMMIT! Wonka's got a man on the inside! How did he do it?... Why were you and your Whangdoodles not aware of this intruder? ANSWER ME!

The Whangdoodle Shift Manager starts sweating bullets.

> Keep listening...

Whangdoodle Shift Manager: ...SIR...WE SENSED NO INTRUDERS...

Slugworth: You were in charge when this occured, were you not?

Whangdoodle Shift Manager: ...YES MR. SLUGWORTH.

Slugworth: I cannot allow this kind of INCOMPETENCE!!

The veins on Slugworth's forehead start to bulge. In his sinister rage he picks up the Whangdoodle and tosses him across the room. The Whangdoodle smashes into the Chocolate Transfer lever, breaking it off its hinges and rendering it inoperable. All the Whangdoodles in the Dark Chocolate Room stand muted until one whispers...

Whangdoodle Laborer: such power...

Slugworth: I want Willy Wonka transferred to the Chocolateboarding Room in the Executive Dungeon! I believe I have a few questions for him...

Slugworth storms out of the room. The Whangdoodles all stand in petrified silence. You hear a whisper from nearby...


It's the Whangdoodle Shift Manager Slugworth tossed across the room.

> Help him

Whangdoodle Shift Manager: ARE YOU THE GOLDEN TICKET HOLDER...

************: Save your strength... You need help...


************: Let me get you a band-aid... or a hot compress....


************: Why are you helping me?


You make the sign of the W on your chest and crawl over to the jelly bean bush. Sure enough, there is a 24hourglass switch, just like the last one you turned.

> Turn it

Next to the 24hourglass is a little plaque.

Access Deinventing Room

You turn the 24hourglass over. The sands start to trickle through at a crawl. Nothing to do now but wait for this thing to finish...

Day 16 is done


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Day 17

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:26 am

Surprise surprise go visit Grandpa.

Grandpa Joe: Charlie's over at the Chocolate Factory dodging questions from the press. Everyone's preeeetttyyy angry about the whole Dark Chocolate fiasco. They pulled it off the market in less than 24 hours!

Head on over to the Chocolate Factory.

As you approach the Chocolate Factory, you spot a crowd of reporters grilling Charlie.

Reporter 1: Prime Minister! What do you make of Dark Chocolate's abysmal reception with the public?

Reporter 2: Prime Minister! Why has Willy Wonka not made a statement?

Reporter 3: Prime Minister! Why did Wonka Corp. assist in faking Mr. Wonka's death?

Reporter 4: Mr. Charlie! Why does everyone keep calling you prime minister?

Man, Charlie's sweatin' bullets up there....

> Squeeze past into the Factory

Instead of going there go to Slugworth's Fortress and enter the Deinventing Room.

You enter the Deinventing Room and find it filled with all sorts of diabolical machinery built only for destruction. You hear voices from behind a machine called the Ripaparter. You hide and listen in.


Whangdoodle Slacker Guard: YEAH MAN... BUT I UH... I CAN'T GET DOWN THERE...

Whangdoodle Slacker Guard's Buddy: WHAT? WHY NOT?


Whangdoodle Slacker Guard's Buddy: WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BROWNIES?


Whangdoodle Slacker Guard's Buddy: C'MON, I'LL LET YOU INTO THE DUNGEON...

The Whangdoodle Guards walk past you and enter the Evilevator.

> Have a look around the place...

Ok this doesn't have to do with the Adventure but it still something many of you might wanna know.

You toss the Freeze-Packed Dippin Dots into the Ripaparter. There are a bunch of gnawing and gnashing sounds and then a popping noise. The following pop out of the conveyor belt:

You take the Dippin Dots and place it into your trolly.

Back to the Adventure. Go grab $1000 from your Piggy Bank and go to the Wellness Clinic.

You head inside the Wellness Clinic and plop down $1000 on the counter. The dreadlocked fellow behind the counter points you towards a room full of bean bag chairs and video game consoles.

You play a few rounds of Mario Kart like normal before you notice a plate of brownies next to the tv set.

************: What's up with the brownies?

Wellness Clinic Regular: Oh, some freaky moose lookin guy was in here the other day bogarting the Mario Kart controller. He left those behind. You can grab one if you want, but watch out man, those are special brownies.

You grab a brownie off the tray.

You take the Special Brownie and place it into your trolly.

Now that you found the Brownie you might want to find out what's inside... I mean the 'Special' has to mean something. Go to the Deinventing Room.

You toss the Special Brownie into the Ripaparter. There are a bunch of gnawing and gnashing sounds and then a popping noise. The following pop out of the conveyor belt:

You get the Dungeon Security Clearance Badge.

Equip the Badge from your bag and go to the Executive Dungeon.

This riddle is even harder than the one in the parking garage but the solution is pretty much the same. First move all tiles to one side and this time it really has to be one side then you move them to the middle.

You manage to clear a path through the Executive Dungeon. You can hear muffled cries coming from the end of the corridor ahead... It looks like there is a prison cell down there...

[Walk on down the hall...]

You walk down the corridor and find the cell door is open, and there are voices coming from inside. You hide just around the corner and listen in...

Willy Wonka: ...Charlie.... why?

Charlie: ...Slugworth wants to know Wonka, why was the sweetener off? Nobody will ever try dark chocolate now.

Willy Wonka: I don't know what you're talking about! Listen... this isn't you Charlie! You don't have to do this! Remember when you first came to my factory, golden ticket in hand-

Charlie: That little boy is dead!...


Charlie: Yes. Make him talk. Do whatever you have to.

Willy Wonka: Charlie...

You press yourself into the shadows as Charlie leaves the dungeon cell, visibly distraught, and heads for the Evilevator.

Whangdoodle Torturer: I'M GONNA MAKE YOU TALK WONKA!

You hear some muffled gasps and what sounds like something being poured...

> Sneak inside the prison cell...

You tiptoe inside the prison cell to find a terrible scene...The Whangdoodle Torturer has Willy Wonka strapped to the ground, a rag draped over his face...

Whangdoodle Torturer: HERE'S HOW THIS IS GONNA WORK WONKA...

The Whangdoodle produces a vat filled to the brim with a thick brown chocolate. He tips the vat over and begins pouring it all over the rag covering Willy Wonka's face. Wonka coughs and sputters from underneath the rag for a moment before the Whangdoodle lets up.

Willy Wonka: It's so smooth and chocolatey... but I can't breath...


The Whangdoodle tips the vat over once more. Wonka coughs and thrashes for a minute before the Whangdoodle relinquishes.


Willy Wonka: What do you mean... that question doesn't even make sense...

Whangdoodle Torturer: WRONG ANSWER WONKA!

Wonka tries to kick free in a desperate attempt to get some air, but his bonds are too strong. The Whangdoodle positions the vat purposefully as he pours, covering every inch of Wonka's rag-covered face in smothering chocolate.

> Do something! (3T)


************: Stop right there!

Fight with Whangdoodle Torturer:

Great success, you win!
You crush the Whangdoodle Torturer.

> Free Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka gasps for air as you pull the chocolate-soaked rag from his face and untie his bonds.

Willy Wonka: ...Golden Ticket Holder... Thank you...

You help Willy Wonka into a resting position against the wall.

Willy Wonka: Slugworth... must be stopped...

************: You're weak... Where is Slugworth?

Willy Wonka: I don't know... but HE might.

Wonka points to the Whangdoodle Torturer who is laying on the ground groaning.

************: I'll make him talk.

> Make him talk

Don't bother about killing him. He would kill you if he'd get the chance and free Willy will stop you before you overdo it.

You grab the Whangdoodle Torturer and drag him over towards the vat of chocolate.

************: Where is Slugworth?

Whangdoodle Torturer: I... DON'T KNOW...

You grab the Whangdoodle and shove his head into the vat of chocolate. He thrashes and kicks before you pull him out.

************: Where is Slugworth?

Whangdoodle Torturer: MR. SLUGWORTH... DOES NOT TELL US...

You shove his head back under the chocolate and hold it there for a minute.

> Hold the thrashing Whangdoodle under for another minute
> Pull him out

You hold the Whangdoodle's head under the chocolate for another minute. Willy Wonka calls out feebly from behind you.

Will Wonka: Please... ************...

> Hold him under for another minute
> Pull him out

You hold the Whangdoodle's head under the chocolate for another minute. Willy Wonka calls out feebly from behind you.

Will Wonka: Please stop ************! Can't you see he doesn't know! This isn't necessary!

> Hold the thrashing Whangdoodle under for another minute
> Pull him out

You hold the Whangdoodle's head under the chocolate for another minute. Willy Wonka calls out feebly from behind you.

Will Wonka: This is wrong. This is wrong...

> Hold the weakly moving Whangdoodle under for another minute
> Pull him out

You hold the Whangdoodle's head under the chocolate for another minute. Willy Wonka calls out feebly from behind you.

Will Wonka: Oh God! I think I'm going to be sick. Please stop ************...

> Hold the weakly moving Whangdoodle under for another minute
> Pull him out

You hold the Whangdoodle's head under the chocolate for another minute. Willy Wonka calls out feebly from behind you.

Will Wonka: I don't think he's moving. Please stop. Please!

> Hold the still, lifeless body of the Whangdoodle under for another minute
> Pull him out

You hold the Whangdoodle's head under the chocolate for another minute. Willy Wonka calls out feebly from behind you.

Will Wonka: He's dead. He's already dead. Please, have some decency!

> Hold the still, lifeless, pale body of the Whangdoodle under for another minute
> Pull him out

Willy Wonka starts sobbing in the corner.

************: Ah geez... fine...

You pull the Whangdoodle's head out of the chocolate. He gasps desperately for air.

************: Where is Slugworth?!?

Whangdoodle Torturer: Huuuhhh... Evil... Executive.... *gasp* Suite.... huff huff huff....

************: How do I gain access to the Executive Suite?

Whangdoodle Torturer: ...Only two people... with... access... Slugworth and... Charlie... Over there... on the wall...

The Whangdoodle points to an hourglass switch on the dungeon wall.

Whangdoodle Torturer: That will... open the way to the... Fizzy Falling Soda Pit... That's the best I can do...

You walk over and flip the hourglass before returning to the Whangdoodle's side.

************: Thanks for the info.

You slam the Whangdoodle's head into the side of the chocolate vat, knocking him unconcious. Willy Wonka begins to sob even more loudly in the corner.

************: ...Let's get you out of here...

> Take Willy Wonka somewhere safe

Grandpa Joe: Hello ************... Who's this you've got with you... Oh my! Is that...

Willy Wonka: Yes... it's me... Willy Wonka...

************: He's weak. He needs rest. Can you keep him safe and feed him for the evening?

Grandpa Joe: Well... we're not supposed to have guests...

************: Grandpa Joe!

Grandpa Joe: Alright! He can sleep on the couch in the activity room... But I'm not missing Law & Order because of him!

You leave Willy Wonka to get some rest at the nursing home and promise you'll be back tomorrow.

Nothing to do now but wait for Willy Wonka to recover...

Day 17 is done

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Day 18

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:52 am

Set your day of with a good nice visit at Grandpa's

Grandpa Joe: Hello ************... What? Willy who?

Willy Wonka rushes out of the activity room.

Willy Wonka: I'm right here... and I'm ready to take my factory back! Let's go!

Then take a little walk to the Chocolate Factory

You and Willy Wonka approach the Chocolate Factory together. Wonka calls out to the towering factory before him.

Willy Wonka: I want my factory back! DO YOU HEAR ME CHARLIE BUCKET!? I WANT IT BACK!!!

There is a moment's silence, and then slowly, the front door of the factory opens. You see someone in a purple coat and top hat step out and approach the gates where you and Willy Wonka stand.

Evil Willy Wonka: Welcome. I've been expecting you.

Willy Wonka: You... Imposter!

Willy Wonka rushes the Wonka clone and tackles him! The Evil Wonka laughs maniacally as the two purple-clad figures tussle and trade blows on the ground! Suddenly, the front door of the factory flies open and somebody runs out holding a pistol!

Charlie: Stop it! Stop it right now! Both of you! Get up!

Charlie aims the pistol at the pair of Wonkas, his hands trembling.

Charlie: I'll... I'll do it... I'll shoot...

> geez...the tension!

Evil Willy Wonka: C'mon Charlie! Shoot him already!

Willy Wonka: No Charlie! Listen to your heart! Remember that first time you visited my factory! The tour? The Glass Elevator ride?

Charlie: Shut up old man! What were you thinking, putting me in charge of the Factory like that? I was just a kid dammit! JUST A KID!

Willy Wonka: Charlie...

Charlie: I just wanted to be a child... to play... to have fun... instead I spent day in day out in this... this damned factory! YOU STOLE ME LIFE FROM ME!

Evil Willy Wonka: Do it Charlie... End it!

Charlie: I... I... I can't do this... You do it!

Charlie tosses you the pistol and runs away, past the gates and away from the factory.

> Looks like it's up to you...

Willy Wonka: Just... put down the gun ************...

Evil Willy Wonka: No! Kill the imposter! I'm the real Willy Wonka!

Willy Wonka: What! I'm definitely the real Willy Wonka! Don't shoot me! Shoot him, ************!

Evil Willy Wonka: Look ************... You'll have to shoot us both... Just to be safe!

> Shoot the one on the left
> Shoot the one on the right

Do whatever you feel like because in the end it doesn't matter what you do you won't kill anyone

************: You can't fool me!

You pull the trigger and *KAPOW*!

You land a bullet straight into the Evil Wonka's shoulder!

Evil Wonka: Hissssss.... ooooOOOOOWWWWWW... You... shot me!

The Evil Wonka runs off towards Slugworth's Fortress.

Willy Wonka: You go after him ************! I'll take care of things here at the Chocolate Factory! Quick! Go!

Wonka rushes back inside his factory. Guess you'd better go after the Evil Wonka...

Now that you are warmed up run over to the Fortress and enter the Fizzy Soda Falling Room.

The Evil Willy Wonka stands on the edge of the Fizzy Falling Soda Pit, drinking some kind of strange fizzy liquid...

Evil Willy Wonka: Come and get me ************! Hehehehe!

He leaps straight into the pit and disappears into the blackness.

> Leap into the pit

Leave and reenter the room

A metal walkway circles around a giant pit in the center of the room. On the other side of the room, built into the wall is a strange machine. Next to it is a sign.

Lead Dispenser $5000

You peer down into the pit in the center of the room. A strong gust of wind hits your face as you
peer down. You see nothing but black...

> Leap into the pit
> Purchase a Bar of Lead ($5000)

Now that you got your weights why don't you try to take 'em to the Candy Shop...errrrr I mean Inventing Room.

You toss the following onto the conveyor belt: Bar of Soap, Soda Water, Bar of Lead. You peddle the bike for a minute. Buzzing and steaming sounds eminate from the compactor until there is a loud popping noise. It's done! You go over to the conveyor belt and pick up your prize...

You take the Fizzy Falling Soda and place it into your trolly.

You seem a little powered out so why not try what you just invented?

You chug the Fizzy Falling Soda. The lead lines your stomach and makes you feel really heavy. Uhhhh...

You're heavier than normal. You're slowed down a bit, but you pack a more powerful punch!

Dang... instead of making things easier you just got heavier... oh well then I guess you must fall into a giant pit and I just know the perfect place to do that. So continue your workout and run back to the Fizzy Soda Falling Room. Now dare and jump into the pit.

Inside the Fizzy Falling Soda Pit, you're falling down. What will you do?

> Do a breast stroke~~~~~> from now on referred to as "o"
> Do a flip~~~~~> from now on referred to as "o"
> Dogpaddle~~~~~> from now on referred to as "o"
> Burp~~~~~> from now on referred to as "b"

To make it to the bottom alive you will have to follow my directions exactly and do not try to improvise at any time! I will write down a combination of o and b and you will have to click in that exact order with the exact amount listed so "3o 5b o" would mean you first click on one of the things referred to as "o" 3 times then burb 5 times and at the end you do the same o-referral as in the beginning. This is important to optimize to stat. gaining during the fall so DO NOT alternate the type of o-referral, if you have decided on 1 stay with it our you will waste precise stats you could have eaned. Ok here we go:

o 8*b o 2*b o b o

You ignore your impending doom and doggypaddle a bit. It propels you downwards a bit, but those doggystrokes are agood workout for the arms.

You gained 0.197 power.

You land at the bottom of the pit with a slight thud. It smarts a little, but you're not hurt. It's pitch black at the bottom, and it smells pretty awful...

Suddenly, somebody lights a match! You see the creepy stitched face of the Evil Wonka Clone smiling at you illuminated by the dim flickering light.

Evil Wonka: I'm going to finish you off for Master Slugworth! Yes! Then he will reward me as his most loyal and prized servant!

Fight with Evil Willy Wonka Clone:

Great success, you win!
You defeated the Evil Willy Wonka Clone!

The Evil Willy Wonka Clone crashes to the floor, defeated and lifeless...

Behind him you notice one of those Hourglass Switches...

> Turn the Hourglass...

Next to the hourglass is a sign reading Access Scheming Room

You flip the hourglass over and the sand begins to pour through the middle. Gotta wait a while more it seems...

Maybe you should go check on Willy Wonka...

You burp out the rest of your soda and float back to the top of the Pit.

Complete your training by making one last run to the Chocolate Factory

You walk up to the Chocolate Factory to find Willy Wonka waiting for you surrounded by Oompa Loompas. His shoulder is bandaged up...

************: ...Sorry about shooting you. I wonder when this might have happened because like you might have noticed I shot the Clone and not Wonka himself but I guess I was sleep-walking again and shot him in my dreams... oh well... he'll survive it

Wonka is silent.

************: So, I killed the Evil Wonka. Now what?

Willy Wonka: ...We wait. I'm not certain what happened to Charlie... but we MUST find him... make him know that it's not too late...

************: And Slugworth?

Willy Wonka: His power grows daily... He must be stopped soon ************... Or I fear the worst will happen... We will reconvene and discuss this more tomorrow. For now I'm... tired...

Willy Wonka hobbles back into his factory. Nothing to do now but wait....

Day 18 is done

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Day 19

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:42 am

Visit Grandpa as usual.

Grandpa Joe: ************!!! Whangdoodles are infesting the Hoburbs! Oh me oh my!

************: Don't worry Grandpa Joe. I'll do something about it!

Grandpa Joe: Do something about what?

************: ...The Whangdoodle infestation...

Grandpa Joe: Whangdoodles... Oh that reminds ************! I forgot to tell you! Whangdoodles are infesting the Hoburbs!

Go to the Chocolate Factory to find Willy Wonka and some Directors.

You find Willy Wonka standing out front of his factory flanked by several of the Directors.

Willy Wonka: ************! Thank goodness you're here! Slugworth has sent a small army of Whangdoodles to wreak havoc in the Hoburbs! I knew things would turn violent, but so soon...

************: What do we do?

Director 7: Correction. What do YOU do is the question.

Director 4: For liability reasons we have decided it is in Willy Wonka's best interest to remain here, at the factory.

Willy Wonka: You may of course make use of anything in the factory to aid you in vanquishing the Whangdoodles. They are particularly fond of my chocolate for instance. If you had something empty to put it in, you could use it as a lure of sorts... What you would doompity doo after that is, of course, up to you.

Willy Wonka winks at you knowingly. It's a little weird...

You could walk inside the Factory now but there is nothing for you to find so go explore the Hoburbs a little.

Inside the Hoburbs, Whangdoodles run about tearing up lawns and generally causing a ruckus. You take a quick count and estimate there are about 100 of the freaky bastards.

> Set out a keg for them (1T)
> Attack one of them (3T)
> Ignore them and explore the Hoburbs (5T)

You set a chocolate filled keg out on the street. Immediately 5 of the whangdoodles stop their pillaging to gorge themselves on the chocolate.

You've set out 1 Chocolate Filled Kegs.

> Attack one of them (3T)
> Ignore them and explore the Hoburbs (5T)
> Assess the situation

Inside the Hoburbs, Whangdoodles run about tearing up lawns and generally causing a ruckus. You take a quick count and estimate there are about 100 of the freaky bastards.

5 of them are gorging themselves on the 1 chocolate filled kegs you set out

> Set out a keg for them (1T)
> Attack one of them (3T)
> Ignore them and explore the Hoburbs (5T)

Continue to set out kegs until there are 19 out there and you get the following:

Inside the Hoburbs, Whangdoodles run about tearing up lawns and generally causing a ruckus. You take a quick count and estimate there are about 100 of the freaky bastards.

95 of them are gorging themselves on the 19 chocolate filled kegs you set out.

> That's probably enough kegs...

This is the point to call in your personal army to use your Loompa Whistle

You blow on the Loompa Whistle. Suddenly, two dozen Oompa Loompas in military regalia appear from nowhere.

Oompa Loompa #12: Ready for our attack sir!

The Oompa Loompas sneak down the Hoburban Streets to where the Whangdoodles are gorging on the chocolate you set out for them...

Oompa Loompa #24: Attack!!!

The Whangdoodles, so distracted by the chocolate, are taken completely by surpise! The Oompa Loompas manage to take out 89 of the Whangdoodles before retreating back to the safety of the Chocolate Factory!

Your army has done their job just fine but now you will have to take out the remaining on your own.

Fight with Whangdoodle:

Great success, you win!
You crush the Whangdoodle. It collapses to the pavement.

You've cleared the Hoburbs of all the Whangdoodles!

Go back to the Chocolate Factory to tell Willy Wonka of your great victory ovet the Whandoodles.

You find Willy Wonka standing out front of his factory flanked by several of the Directors.

Willy Wonka: You did it ************! This is a major blow to Slugworth! Unfortunately I fear that in defeat his anger will only grow...

Willy Wonka looks around at the Directors flanking him.

Willy Wonka: Please meet me in my Executive Suite. There is something we must discuss in private.

Go inside the Chocolate Factory and enter the Executive Suite.

You step out of the Wonkavator and into Willy Wonka's executive suite. It's extravagantly furnished. There's a huge window looking out over all of Hoburbia. Two plush couches form an L shape in front of a huge plasma screen TV. In one corner of the room you spot another elevator, different from the Wonkavator. This one seems to be made almost entirely of glass...

Willy Wonka: Welcome to my suite.

Willy Wonka grabs a gumdrop off a gumdrop tree potted near the window and pops it in his mouth.

Willy Wonka: Slugworth is getting more bold. I don't doubt he'll want to attack my factory soon. He had a taste of control through his underlings... that Evil Clone and... Charlie...

Will Wonka flinches almost imperceptibly at his own mention of Charlie.

Willy Wonka: ...This is all my fault. I created the Everlasting Gobstoppers. I knew their power then... but I was young and foolhardy... and now look. Slugworth is threatening to destroy everything I've built, and the very safeguards I put in place to protect my most inspired creation may be my own undoing.

He paces back towards his desk, picks up a chocolate covered apple from an ornate golden bowl, and takes a bite.

Willy Wonka: There is a failsafe built into the design of the gobstoppers. All four MUST be destroyed before Slugworth can be stopped, so listen closely...

> Listen up...

Willy Wonka: The Gobstoppers are all linked. They share a common consciousness. While one survives, in a way, they all survive. When Slugworth fell into the Everlasting Gobstopper vat, he fused with that consciousness. That is why he cannot be destroyed while they exist... Are you following me?

************: ...Kinda... Well actually not really.

Willy Wonka: Good. Because of this shared mindspace, they learn from each other. When one is destroyed, the others adapt and cannot be destroyed in the same way. This means you must get rid of each one in a unique way. Unfortunately, with each Gobstopper's destruction, Slugworth will learn more and gain new immunities. In effect it will make him more powerful, but he will at least be mortal.

************: Gotcha. Destroy the Gobtsoppers, then Slugworth. Isn't there one more Gobstopper though?

Willy Wonka: ...Yes... It belongs to Charlie Bucket... You'll have to get it from him...

Willy Wonka sits down on the couch and rests his forehead on his palms.

Willy Wonka: Now... if you'll excuse me... I need some time... Once you...acquire... the final Gobstopper... we'll discuss how to destroy them. Goodbye, until then...

Although the day is already over you should still check your mail.


Dear ************,

Long have I lived with the sins of my past. I know now it was I who chose this path for myself. There is only one thing left for me to do now...

Meet me tomorrow in the scheming room of Arthur Slugworth's Evil Fortress.


Day 19 is done


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Day 20

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:24 am

Let me think what you have to do.... oh yeah right... Visit Grandpa.... I'm really starting to hate that guy...

Grandpa Joe: Have you been back to the Candy Store recently ************? Even with all this chaos going on, Willy Wonka is still creating some of the most delicious new candies around.

Remember that letter I told you to read? It told you to go to the Scheming Room over in the Fortress. Do so.

Inside the Scheming Room you find Charlie, sitting at the long Scheming Table.

Charlie: Ah, there you are ************. I've been waiting for you. There are a few things I must say before we get down to business...

************: Business?

Charlie: I have spent much time in this room of late, going over these diagrams and schematics with Mr. Slugworth. This for example...

Charlie points to a map on the wall covered in sloppy writing and tacks.

Charlie: This details a plot to disrupt all the traffic in Hoburbia with a series of well timed explosions. And this one...

He points to a list on the wall.

Charlie: This one is a step by step on a scheme to poison everyone at the soup kitchen by injecting rat poison into all of that idiot Eddie's soap bars.

Charlie opens his arms wide in a dramatic gesture.

Charlie: There's hundreds of schemes like this, each one more diabolical than the last. He's mad ************. Slugworth is batshit insane.

> But I thought you were in league with Slugworth...

Charlie: I... I thought I was. But the other day, when I was holding that pistol... Something broke inside me. All my anger flowed out and I realized I was letting my own hatred destroy thse around me.

************: Okay, this is getting kind of emo.

Charlie: ...You're right of course. Let's get to it. Slugworth must be stopped, and that can only happen if all the Everlasting Gobstoppers are destroyed. I believe you have all but one...

Charlie taps his chest.

Charlie: Mine... It's bonded with me ************. To get it you'll have to kill me.

> There's got to be another way!

Charlie: There is no other way... And if you won't take it from me by choice... I'll force you to take it!

Charlie begins to... transform. His arms and legs start to grow. His two eyes merge into one huge eye... his belt turns white!

************: Wha? What's going on?

Charlie: This is my true form, the Emoclops! Prepare yourself!

> Fight with charlie (3T)

You whip out your mop and wave it around in front of Charlie. He hisses and screeches. The Bitterness from the stale coffee is counteracting the energy from the Everlasting Gobstopper!

Fight with Charlie Bucket:

Great success, you win!
You defeated Charlie! He falls to the ground, breathing heavily and clutching his chest... He transforms back into his orginal form...

> Charlie! Oh no!

Charlie collapses to the floor clutching his chest.

Charlie: This is the... end... my friend....

************: Don't say that Charlie!

Charlie: ...Thank... you... ************... Tell Willy Wonka... his chocolate... is delicious....

************: NooooOOoOOOOooOOOOoOOoO!

Something glowing eminates from Charlie's chest. You reach out and grab it.

You get the Everlasting Gobstopper

> Carry Charlie's body back to the Chocolate Factory

You rush up to the Chocolate Factory carrying Charlie's body. Willy Wonka is there at the gates, waiting for you, surrounded by a rather solemn looking group of Oompa Loompas.

************: I'm sorry... there's nothing I could do...

You lay the body on the ground. Wonka leans down and closes Charlie's eyes.

Willy Wonka: Damn you Slugworth... DAMN YOU!

After a moment of silence the Oompa Loompas carefully lift Charlie's body and carry it inside the factory.

Willy Wonka: Please... meet me in my Suite... I... need a moment...

Willy Wonka walks back in the factory.

> Head inside...

Go to the Executive Suite.

You step inside Wonka's Executive Suite to find him staring out the window.

Willy Wonka: I knew you would have to kill Charlie to get the Gobstopper. Charlie must've known it too. Don't feel bad.

************: I feel fine!

Willy Wonka: We'll be holding a service for Charlie tomorrow in the Chocolate Room. I would... appreciate it if you came.

************: ...fiiinnneee.

Willy Wonka: Would you... hand me the Gobstopper? Charlie's Gobstopper?

> Hand it to him
> Hell no! It's mine!

You hand over the Gobstopper. Willy Wonka holds it ponderously for a moment before setting it down on the table and pulling out a revolver.

Willy Wonka: I could destroy this right now... But I'll let you decide.

************: What? Why me?

Willy Wonka: Remember what I told you? Each Gobstopper must be destroyed in a unique way, and whatever method you use, Slugworth will be immune against.

Willy Wonka lifts the gun and points it straight at the Everlasting Gobstopper.

Willy Wonka: So if I pull this trigger, any guns you may have will be useless against Slugworth. So... should I pull the trigger or not?

> No don't!
> Go ahead. Shoot.

It's up to you whether you want to use guns against Slugworth or not but some people suggest that the old adventure weapon, the Sting, might be a gun as well and besides you could still shoot one later on, I guess. Important thing is that you remember what you did and you know that you can't kill Slugworth with those kind of weapons you used to destroy the Gobstoppers with. I myself chose not to let Willy shot it. If you do this will happen:

Willy Wonka pulls the trigger and the Everlasting Gobstopper explodes into a million pieces.

*********: ...Everlasting my ass.

Willy Wonka: You will have to destroy the rest using some other method. We'll discuss it more tomorrow after the... the funeral. If you'll leave me now... I'd like to rest.

> Back to Wonkavator

If not:

Willy Wonka pockets the gun.

Willy Wonka: Well, alright then. It's your choice.

He hands the Everlasting Gobstopper back to you.

Willy Wonka: You will have to destroy all four of them. We'll discuss it more tomorrow after the... the funeral. If you'll leave me now... I'd like to rest.

Day 20 is done

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Day 21

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:02 pm

Visit the old Grandpa to know what's going on.

Grandpa Joe: Big funeral going on over at the Chocolate Factory today. Somebody named Charlie Bucket. For some reason I feel like I recognize the name...

A nurse walks out into the meeting area carrying a clipboard.

Nurse: Joe? Joe Bucket? It's time for your sponge bath, if you could just come with me...

Grandpa Joe: Oh goody!

The Nurse takes Grandpa Joe by the arm and leads him away.

Go to the Chocolate Room.

You step into the Chocolate Room to find Willy Wonka gathered with all the Oompa Loompas and the Directors. Charlie's body is resting in a boat banked on the shore of the Chocolate River.

Willy Wonka: ************, welcome. I'm glad you could make it. We were just about to begin the service...

> Take your place among the bereaved

Willy Wonka takes his place next to the boat holding Charlie's body and takes off his hat.

Willy Wonka: Ladies and Gentlemen... Oompas and Loompas... Charlie, were he with us today, would have wanted me to keep this brief, so all I ask is a tall ship and a star to sail her by.

Several Oompa Loompas move forward and push the boat out into the center of the Chocolate River, where it begins floating away of its own volition.

Willy Wonka: Fire the arrow.

An Oompa Loompa steps forward and fires a flaming arrow at the ship. It hits square on and the blazing funeral boat illuminates the darkness of the Chocolate Tunnel as it slowly floats out of view.

The crowd begins to disperse when a frantic looking hobo rushes into the Chocolate Room.

Frantic Hobo: I bring terrible news!

> Listen up...

Willy Wonka: Hey! How did you get in here!

Frantic Hobo: Nevermind that! Somebody set fire to Pickety Pete's!

You whistle nonchalantly.

Director #4: Didn't that happen... like... a few weeks ago?

Frantic Hobo: Well... yeah. But he rebuilt! And now it's on fire AGAIN!

Everyone kinda shrugs their shoulders and continues solemnly moping about. Willy Wonka walks up to you and speaks with a low voice.

Willy Wonka: Hmmm. Arson at Pete's. You might want to check that out... Go take a look, then come back and meet me in my suite. And don't take too long. Those Gobstoppers need to be destroyed SOON.

Go to Pickety Pete's Protest Palace.

It's true. You find the Protest Palace, which recently finished reconstruction ablaze, AGAIN.

Pickety Pete: Noooooo! I poured the last of my savings into rebuilding! I'm destitute! Who would do such a thing! MY LIFE IS OVER!

You wonder briefly why on Earth Pete doesn't have insurance when you see a conspicuous looking note with a skull emblem on it taped to the hood of Pete's car. You pick it up and read it.

Pete was the first, but he won't be the last. I'll burn down every building in this city, one by one, unless Willy Wonka hands over control of his factory to me.

If my very simple demand is not met by tomorrow evening, I will burn the Hoburban Nursing Home to the ground. Then I will burn down another building the day after that. And then another, one by one, until the only thing that remains of Hoburbia is ash and a bankrupt Chocolate Factory! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Best regards,
Arthur Slugworth

Uh oh... You'd better let Willy Wonka know about this...

Go to the Executive Suite inside the Chocolate Factory.

You step inside Willy Wonka's Executive Suite.

Willy Wonka: What? Slugworth was behind it? He's going to burn down the city if I don't hand over my factory?

************: ...I didn't say anything... but yeah.

Willy Wonka: I feared things might turn from bad to worse quickly... It is all the more imperative that you destroy those Gobstoppers quickly ************ ! Come see me when you're done!

From here on there are several ways to go by. I will list up every option I found and what they do and then I will tell you what in my opinion you should choose to make the finale battle easier.

1. Candy Store

You walk up to the Candy Store and ask the guy behind the counter if he knows of any good ways to destroy candy.

Candy Store Guy: Ah, glad you ask! I keep a vat of acid in the back for melting defective candies. If you need me to destroy a piece of candy for you, just let me know.

Destroying the Gobstopper in this fashion will make Slugworth immune to candies bought from the candy store

2. Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka: How goes the quest to destroy the Gobstoppers? Have you reconsidered my offer?

Willy Wonka pulls out the revolver.

Willy Wonka: Remember, if I destroy the Gobstopper with this gun, you won't be able to use any guns against Slugworth.

3. Deinventing Room

Inside the Deinventing Room you pull out one of your Everlasting Gobstoppers and consider it thoughtfully.

Destroying the Gobstopper here will render Slugworth immune to anything that can be invented or deinvented

4. Boxing Stadium in Second City

You walk up to the boxing stadium and notice there's actually a fight today! Weird!

You head inside and see two huge guys beating each other bloody in the ring. You consider tossing an Everlasting Gobstopper in the ring and seeing what happens...

Destroying the Gobstopper in this fashion will increase Slugworth's strength

5. The ending point of the Red Light District

You climb up to the top of Mount Conservation, and head straight for the Recycling Bin. You pull out one of your Everlasting Gobstoppers and consider it thoughtfully.

Destroying the Gobstopper here will render your Sting, Mithril Grocery Bag, and Mystery Hat useless against Slugworth.

6. Trainstation in Second City

You're hanging out on the trainstation platform when you get a fancy idea. You see a train approaching at high speed and consider tossing one of your Everlasting Gobstoppers onto the tracks...

Destroying the Gobstopper in this fashion will increase Slugworth's speed

7. Suicide Hill

You pull out one of the Everlasting Gobstoppers and ask Greg if he would mind crushing it with one of his wrecking balls.

Destroying the Gobstopper in this fashion will increase Slugworth's power

8. Corner 7/11

As you approach the 7/11 you pull out one of your Everlasting Gobstoppers and consider tossing it in the side industrial bin.

Destroying the Gobstopper in this fashion will make Slugworth immune to things found in the garbage

9. Walmart

You head inside WalMart and wander around looking for something to help
you destroy one of your Gobstoppers... Man this place is huge... Ah!
There it is! The 'Destruction' aisle.

You pull a sledgehammer off the rack and consider what you're about to do.

Destroying the Gobstopper in this fashion will make Slugworth immune to things purchased from WalMart

imo the best way of doing this after I finished day 22 is to go by options #3, #7, #8 and #9... I wish I'd had known that before... oh well still beat Slugworth.

Once you decided on what you want to do go back to Willy in the Executive Suite.

Willy Wonka: You've done it ************! Wonderful! Then Slugworth can finally be destroyed... Rest up dear friend, for tomorrow you face the battle of your life...

************: Y'know what, I want to know how this all became MY responsibility.

Day 21 is done

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Day 22

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:58 am

First of all go to Grandpa.

As you step into the Nursing Home you notice the place is crawling with men in black suits and ties and armed Oompa Loompas.

Grandpa Joe: ************! Do you know what's going on? Are we in danger? Did Willy Wonka send all these people?

Go to the Executive Suite inside the Chocolate Factory.

Willy Wonka: ************! It's time! Find Slugworth and end him! If there's anything I can do to help, you know where to find me! Oh, and one more thing...

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out something.

Willy Wonka: We found this in Charlie's pocket. It may prove useful.

You get the Full Access Evil Security Badge

Go to the Evil Executive Suite but before you have to equip the the Cane that Wonka gave you some time ago.

You step inside the Evil Executive Suite. Two rows of torches follow a long velvet carpet, leading to a giant skull throne. Sitting on the throne, grinning evily is...

Arthur Slugworth: Hello ************. I'm glad you could make it. You see, I knew you would have to come if I threatened to burn down the very nursing home where your Grandfather is currently living.

************: You know he's not really my Grandfather...

Arthur Slugworth: You have been quite helpful to Willy Wonka, ************. If it weren't for you, his factory would be under my control right now. You've killed my Evil Willy Wonka Clone, defeated my Whangdoodles, sabotaged my dark chocolate... You're quite crafty.

************: Thanks?

You hear a door clicking locked behind you.

Arthur Slugworth: Someone with your cleverness could be quite useful to me. What do you say ************, will you join me in bringing Hoburbia to its knees and taking Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?

> Never!
> Sure, why not?

I just wanted to see if I could take over the world Twisted Evil

Arthur Slugworth: ...I'm sorry to hear that ************...

************: What? I said yes!

Arthur Slugworth: I can't very well let you continue to aid Willy Wonka. If you refuse to join me, then I'm afraid I'll just have to kill you.

Slugworth lifts himself off his throne and begins to approach you.

************: No! Seriously, I'll join you! What are you doing?

Arthur Slugworth: Goodbye ************.

> Fight him (5T)

You whip out your Balltop Cane and point it threateningly at Slugworth.

Arthur Slugworth: Is that... Is that Willy Wonka's cane?

Slugworth looks a little worried.

Fight with Arthur Slugworth:

Great success, you win!
You defeated Arthur Slugworth!

Slugworth starts to grumble and moan...

Arthur Slugworth: ...More... powerful... than I thought...

> Continue...

Slugworth slowly stands up.

Arthur Slugworth: I see this isn't going to be so simple...

He stumbles about and begins to transform... Slugworth grows taller and taller... His muscles grow huge and he sprouts wings...

Arthur Slugworth: A...aaaauuggghgGGHGGGHGG!!!

Slugworth stumbles backwards and crashes through the glass window of the Evil Executive Suite! You rush to the window and look out just in time to see Slugworth spread his wings and take flight.

He seems to be headed off in the direction of the Beeramid.

Go to the Beeramid.

You reach the Beeramid and look up to see Slugworth beating his vile wings and emitting a piercing death howl!

You feel a presence behind you. You turn and see... The Newspaper Man?

Newspaper Man: I've come to offer you a bit of advice ************. That creature up there... that is no longer a man. He had fused with the Gobstoppers, but now that they're gone, he is severely weakened. Do you hear that noise he's making?

************: Uh huh.

Newspaper Man: That means he's hungry. His stomach can't handle most foods, it was built for Gobstoppers. Anything else he eats will only harm him and help you. Use this to your advantage.

************: Thanks... Who are you?

Newspaper Man: Oh, I'm just an old man trying to sell some newspapers... Good luck ************... Oh, and if you'd like to learn more about fighting Evil Slugworth, I've got some great literature here you might want to take a look at!

The Newspaper Man pulls out a pamphlet entitled "So you've decided to try and defeat the Dark Angel! 7 Easy steps to get from history to victory.".

> Climb up the Beeramid...
> Read the Pamphlet

You take the pamphlet from the newspaper man and read.

So, you've decided to fight the Dark Angel Slugworth? Here are some things to keep in mind. Follow these easy suggestions, and you'll find yourself King of the Beeramid in no time!

1. Take note of Slugworth's immunities. If you feed Slugworth something he is immune to, he will gain life.
2. If Slugworth is immune to your weapon, your effectiveness in battle will be greatly reduced.
3. Slugworth learns. You can't use the same weapon against him twice or feed him the same thing twice. Switch it up!
4. Slugworth maintains his life total between rounds. Beware though! After each round of fighting Slugworth regains some life!
5. If you feed Slugworth a piece of food with an effect on it, and it hurts him, you will reap the benefits of that effect in the next round of battle.
6. Slugworth gets a little weaker with each round of fighting.
7. If you ever wish to reset Slugworth's immunities and stats, simply feed him a Semi-Lasting Gobstopper.

> Climb up the Beeramid...

You journey up the Beeramid and find Slugworth... or what used to be Slugworth... howling loudly and hungrily.

He opens his maw widely. Maybe you should do as the Newspaper man said and toss something in...

You can toss in anything you have inside your trolly but remember his immunities you gave him. If you want to reset those somebody said you could go visit Willy Wonka and he would send you back one day so you could destroy the Gobstoppers once again but I can't tell you how exactly this works and if it works at all since I haven't tried it.

During the battle you should through all kinds of food at him until there is nothing left you can harm him with. Once this state is reached you should just keep buying the cheapest food you can find (if I'm not wrong it should be the raw chicken leg at Walmart) and keep throwing those at him. After each round you should also change the weapon you are using. once you used all your weapons once you can use your strongest to do at least some damage to him.

It took me many rounds to defeat Dark Angel Slugworth but that's just because I made some bad decisions on Day 21.

Fight with Dark Angel Slugworth:

Great success, you win!
Youdefeated Dark Angel Slugworth!

Slugworth dips and moans. He appears to be having trouble flying straight... He flies away towards the Chocolate Factory. He doesn't look like he's got much fight left in him.

Go to the Chocolate Factory.

As you approach the Chocolate Factory you see Slugworth flapping his beating wings and howling in pain. He lands on the roof of the factory, out of sight. Suddenly Willy Wonka comes running out followed by a group of Oompa Loompas.

Willy Wonka: ************! What happened? I heard a noise from the roof...

************: It's Slugworth. He's badly hurt.

Willy Wonka: Quick! We'll take the stairs!

> Follow Willy Wonka up the stairs

You follow Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas up the steps as fast as possible and emerge on the roof of the factory.

There before you lies a half dead Arthur Slugworth, his wings tattered, his face bloodied.

Willy Wonka: So Slugworth, here we are...

Slugworth: W-Wonka? Is that you? I... I can't see...

Random Oompa Loompa: Don't believe him! He's lying!

Willy Wonka: Silence! ************, may I have my Balltop Cane please. Don't worry, I'll give it back. I only need it for a moment...

> Hand him the cane

Willy Wonka hobbles forward on the cane towards Slugworth.

Slugworth: W-Willy... Remember the good old days... You and I... side by side... discovering *COUGH*... new ways to fluff whip cream... we made the gummies gummier together, didn't we...

Willy Wonka: That was a long time ago Arthur...

Slugworth: Let's start again! I've seen the error of my ways... Come here Willy... help me up...

The atmosphere tenses as Wonk steps forward and offers Slugworth an open hand.

Suddenly, Slugworth releases a death howl and swipes at Willy Wonka with his razor claws! Wonka is ready though. He sidesteps Slugworth's blow and whips the bottom off the Balltop Cane, revealing a sharpened blade inside. With one swift motion he plunges the cane straight into Slugworth's heart, ending the beast's life for good.

Willy Wonka: ...Get him out of here...

The Oompa Loompas lift Slugworth's body and drag it inside the factory...

Willy Wonka: Well ************... You've done all of us here in Hoburbia a great service. You've ended Slugworth's reign of terror!

> Hooray!

Willy Wonka: We'd surely all have been goners without you ************. I don't know how we can ever repay you.

************: I can think of a few ways... Oh God! Don't take that the wrong way!

Willy Wonka: Well... I suppose a reward is in order...

> Yes! Please!

Willy Wonka: It would have to be something really good to make all your efforts worth your while...

> Oh, I agree absolutely!

Willy Wonka: Wait a minute... Oh! I know just the thing!

> What is it? What is it?

Suddenly the doorway onto the roof flies open and an Oompa Loompa in a chefs hat comes rushing out.

Oompa Loompa: Mr. Wonka! Mr. Wonka! The timer just went off on your oven. I think your roast may be ready!

Willy Wonka: Oh, sorry ************. Could you wait Just one minute?

Willy Wonka turns to the Oompa Loompa.

Willy Wonka: Did you turn the roast?

Oompa Loompa: ...I'm supposed to turn it?

> Tap your foot impatiently

Willy Wonka: Yeah! You're supposed to turn it every half hour. Are you telling me you didn't turn it?

Oompa Loompa: ...No.

Willy Wonka: What is wrong with you? It's going to be cooked all uneven!

> *tap tap tap*

Willy Wonka: Well, at least tell me you ladeled some of the juices over it periodically!

Oompa Loompa: Ladeled... sir?

Willy Wonka: Oh, this is worthless! It's going to be all dry!

Willy Wonka turns back to you.

Willy Wonka: Sorry about this, but can we talk tomorrow? I've got to run down to the kitchen.

Willy Wonka hands you back the cane and walks off mumbling with the Oompa Loompa trailing.

Willy Wonka: If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself...

> Leave the roof

Day 22 is done but not the Adventures yet


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Day 23 - Epilogue

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:39 am

For the last time visit that old man.

Grandpa Joe: Hey ************, I think Willy Wonka was looking for you.

Head over to the Chocolate Factory and enter the Executive Suite.

Willy Wonka: Ah, hello ************. Well, I suppose you're here about your reward. Well, I'm very busy and don't have much time for pagentry, so if you would, your reward is in that envelope on the edge of my desk. Just grab it and leave me be.

You pick up the envelope off the desk and open it up. You find some cash inside. You count $50!

Willy Wonka: It's all yours. Enjoy. Now I really must get to work. Goodbye ************.

Reenter the Executive Suite.

Willy Wonka: Oh, you're back ************. Can I help you with something? I'm kinda busy.

> I don't need your stinkin' $50 old man!

You march up to Willy Wonka's desk and slam the $50 right back where you got it from.

************: I don't need your money Wonka! I'm outta here!

You're about to leave when you hear Willy Wonka whisper something.

Willy Wonka: So shines a good deed in a weary world... You did it ************! You passed the test!

> ...test?

Willy Wonka: Yes! It was all a test ************! And you passed!

************: What? The fifty bucks thing was a test?

Willy Wonka: The whole thing was a test! Slugworth, Charlie... All of it! Come on out everybody!

> ...wha?

All sorts of people start appearing from closet doors... behind couches... spare bedrooms...

There's Violet, and Mike Teevee. Veruca Salt is there next to the Newspaper Man. Standing next to Wonka are.... Charlie and Slugworth!

************: What the? How? But... I killed... With my own hands... I saw their blood!

Willy Wonka: All tricks done with lights and mirrors!

Slugworth: You put on a good show chap!

Charlie: Yeah, well done!

> But... why?!?

Willy Wonka: Well, I recently went on vacation to Loompa Land. I was hanging out on the Loompa beach one day when I saw a sign for a Lu`au contest. Well, I'll be damned if I didn't enter the contest and win! Well, apparently the Grand Prize of the competitions was Three Wishes!

************: Three Wishes? Anything you wanted?

Willy Wonka: Well, there were some limitations... very strict ones in fact. Anyway, I thought about it and realized I already had everything I wanted! A wonderful Chocolate Factory and good friends! Three wishes would go to waste on me! That's why I decided I would find someone pure of heart to give those wishes to. And that's you ************!

************: But... I put innocent people in jail! I killed people!

Charlie whispers to you.

Charlie: If I were you I'd shut up and take the prize.

Willy Wonka: So what do you say ************? Will you accept this reward?

> Of course!s

Willy Wonka: Wonderful! Well, you can redeem your prizes whenever you wish by simply hopping in that Glass Elevator over in the corner of the room. It can go sideways and longways and slantways! But you're not allowed to do any of that. It's in the liability waiver you signed.

************: So, where does the Glass Elevator go?

Willy Wonka: The Elevator will take you to the Loompa Land Prize Redemption Shaman! Just hop on in. Oh and one more thing...

************: Yeah?

Willy Wonka: You can redeem your wishes whenever you want. You don't have to do it right this second. You might want to take some time and think about it.

> Step inside the Great Glass Elevator

Oompa Loompa Shaman: You've got 3 wishes left ************. How do you want to use them?

I wish for...

> +25 power
> +25 strength
> +25 speed
> +10 intelligence
> +5 begging
> +500 max life
> A Golden Rat
> $1,500,000
> 3,000 pp
> A Double Double
> Hobo Grail gives an additional 5 Awake per day

If you should decide on the Golden Rat here are the stats:

Golden Rat

Lifespan: 100
Energy: 175
Vitality: 100
Agility: 25
Strength: 25
Consentration: 25

Now it seems like the Adventure is over once you have made your wishes but there is more to it. Reenter the Executive Suite.

Willy Wonka: Oh hello ************. If you've got any wishes left, you're welcome to take my Elevator to Loompa Land anytime.

************: Thanks!

Willy Wonka: Oh, I almost forgot. Willy Wonka pulls open a drawer and takes out a rather morose looking piece of candy.

Willy Wonka: I developed this candy when I was young. I was going through a tough period in high school at the time... It's called the Funeral Fluctuation Candy. I kept it locked away in case it would ever come in handy. If you eat this it will send you back in time to the last funeral you attended, which I presume is Charlie's.

************: Why would I want to do that?

Willy Wonka: Oh I don't know. Maybe you want to go back and fight Slugworth again. See if you can defeat him quicker or something. Whatever your reasons, the option is there.

> Step inside the Great Glass Elevator
> Give me the candy! I want to go back!

Willy Wonka: Now you're certain of this? You'll have to wait an extra day to fight Slugworth, you'll lose that badge I just gave you, and you'll have to destroy all four Gobstoppers again. You're CERTAIN?

> Shut up and give it to me old man!
> Forget it then...

Willy Wonka:Alright...

Willy Wonka hands you Funeral Fluctuation Candy and you pop it in your mouth. Time swirls and twists around you. You hear poetry by Edgar Allen Poe being whispered through the air as the Executive Suite dissolves around you.

A moment later you find yourself once again standing in the Executive Suite. Everything looks pretty much the same, except Willy Wonka is gone. You look in your backpack and find that the Everlasting Gobstoppers have indeed returned...

This will bring you back to a point where you have to destroy the Gobstoppers and defeat Slugworth again.

The Adventure is done. (wow feels good to say this)


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Re: Adventures 2 - unofficial Guide - very detailedly

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Re: Adventures 2 - unofficial Guide - very detailedly

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