Crazy Ed Cooking Adventure

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Crazy Ed Cooking Adventure

Post by crumbum on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:43 am

Quoted from the adventure 3 guide mission 4

Don't make the dish too simple! → seriously no idea, if you got any CONFIRMED ideas please post them

Court House

Hobo Judge: Your main ingredient is.... Bowling Shoes!

In addition, please consider the following when cooking:
1: I've got a hankerin' for something fruity.
2: Whatever you make should be fresh!
3: Don't make the dish too simple!

You toss the following into the vat and stir it around for a bit before removing it from the heat: Bowling Shoes, Bar of Soap, Apple Core, Rotten Fish, Raw Chicken Leg, Half a HotDog, Raw Potato

You take a ladel-full of the piping hot soup and bring it to the judge along with the other contestants. The judge tries a few of the soups brought to him and shudders.

Hobo Judge: Awful! Just awful! Ah, here we are, Crazy Eddie's entry...

The judge takes a spoonful of Crazy Eddie's soup and smiles.

Hobo Judge: Delicious, as always, Eddie! Just one more soup left...

The judge grabs your soup and takes a taste...

Hobo Judge: This IS fruity!
This IS fresh!
This IS complex!

The Judge puts down his spoon.

Hobo Judge: This is wonderful! I declare ******** the clear victor!

> Yes! I'm the best!

[Leave The Court House][quote]


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