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Post by sincityb on Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:53 pm

does anyone know how to recruit these members into the fight club. i am currently searching for jangle pants. he is to be recruited into the fight club before you can beat up the mexican wrestler (second city adventures) if anyone can assist me with this i would be truly thankful. is the fight club that important? is there some ultimate prize or reward for gathering the members? or is it just some pointless sidequest not worth persuing? please assist me with this fight club thing. i have checked all the info reguarding the game and i cannot find any useful info reguarding the fight club (second city adventures). thank you


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Re: fight club

Post by Big Dady Hobo on Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:59 am

Yeah, FC is very very Important, u can get lotta XP and $ by beating them up,

Recruitment Guide

*Note: Must be alive for all of these recruits to work. You must also a have high enough combination of stats and weapon/armor to beat them in order to recruit. ex. if you are unable to beat them in the first fight either train stats, get better equipment or both (exact stat/equipment setup needed is unknown).*

Tyler Durden-lvl 51 max with 0 recruits
*Note: Tyler Durden gains levels as you continue to beat him. His levels are caped at one level higher than the highest level that you have recruited untill you finish recruiting.*

Go to parking garage and win the fight against Tyler. He will ask you to go find more people to join the fight club. -5T every fight attempt

Red Robed Roy Rollins-lvl 75
*Note: Must first beat Tyler(once)*

Explore Red Light District until you find Red Robed Roy Rollins and beat him in a fight (random chance to find him while exploring, may take a long time to find him) -3T each explore.

Professor Todd Master of Steam-lvl 125
*Note: Must first recruit Red Robed Roy Rollins*

Knock on window 11(at least for me, may be random) at City Hall and talk to Professor Todd Master of Steam to get him to join. -2T each window

Janglepants the Distractor-lvl 175
*Note: Must first recruit Professor Todd Master of Steam*

Explore the dance floor in the Night Club until you find Janglepants the Distractor and invite him to join.(random chance to find. may take a long time)-2T every time you explore dance floor.

*Errors on this step:
"Out on the dance floor you hear a strange jangling noise over the music. Like lots of little paperclips rubbing against each other. You look around but don't see anything unusual..."

"Out on the dancefloor you hear a strange jangling noise. All of a sudden you turn around and see a guy with a mean looking jowl and shiny metal things hanging off his pants coming at you!"

*If you get either one of these make sure that you have high enough stats. Stats needed are unconfirmed, so if you get the error, just train a bit more.

Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado (Mexican Wrestler)-lvl 225
*Note: Must first recruit Janglepants the Distractor and complete adventures #1-#11 to get side quest. Does not have to be done at time of side quest (can return later) just cannot be completed before side quest given.*

**WARNING: Although this is not a guaranteed result, some players have reported being unable to recruit Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado after adventure #19(destroy the One Beer) because they no longer had the One Beer and thus couldn't drink it. To avoid this problem I recommend finishing this recruit before finishing adventure #19.**

Call Franky D (698-4242), He would tell you to go to the docks and beat up the Mexican wrestler! Drink up the One beer, head to the docks and you will find the Mexican Wrestler, Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado, after you beat him; you recruit him in the FC!!

*Errors on this step:
Player: Now Tim, what seems to be the problem here?

Rather than answer your question he just spins around and attempts to piledrive you. Luckily, you're quick on your feet and get out of the way.

Player: If that's how you wanna play...

[Leave Docks]

*If you get this, make sure that you have high enough stats. Stats needed are unconfirmed, so if you get the error, just train a bit more.

Ahab the Hackysack Champion-lvl 275
*Note: must first recruit Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado and get sewer 3 key(Adventure #17)*

Explore Sewer 3 @ 3,6

check out GUIDE SECTION for more info..

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