day 5 hoburbia, the missing part

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day 5 hoburbia, the missing part

Post by two-fist on Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:28 am

hey, good work on the guide amigos, very useful. that said it seems to be missing part of day 5 in hoburbia. after you get off the boat, you have to return to the nursing home and get the mail from slugworth about wonka being kidnapped, then you have to go back to the factory where you'll get the balltop cane and wonka's letter. after reading wonka's letter you have to explore the first city and go to the coordinates in it to find the newsman, who gives you the loompa whistle. when played, the whistle summons an oompa loompa that grants you access to the inventing room. the rest is all in the guide, i just completed this part and noticed that it was missing here. cheers.


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